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Freelance full-time job Universal City, CA. In many cases, Domainite hires freelance editors to strengthen its team. Processing remote, part-time and freelance jobs Welcome to the site for editing jobs at a distance, part-time, freelance and flexibly! Publishing is a careers perfectly suited to those who have a good grasp of details, vocabulary and orthography. Authors can also write their own texts or commission other authors to plan the contents for printed publication, web sites or specialist material.

A lot of writers work for large publishers, such as papers and journals, while others work on their own in contractual and freelance jobs. Current names for editing work are proofreaders, quality assurance experts, accountants, proofreaders, copywriters and authors. Should you wish to work as an editor from home, then apply here for part of the assignment, freelance, part-time or full-time.

For the processing of scientific works an expert journalist is required. Requires at least a Master's and 5 years of editing expertise. Search for a copy and a content editors to check and rework scholarly work. At least 5 years and very good knowledge in chemistry.

Freelance. A freelance journalist works on scientific works from various fields and ensures the authors' contentment. Previous knowledge in editing ESL scripts is necessary. Powerful editing knowledge necessary. Search for an expert journalist for the revision of scientific work. Needs 5 years of life science expertise and knowledge.

Applicants with a doctorate or research experiences are welcome. Contractual item. Freelance journalist works on scientific works from various fields. A minimum of five years of appropriate editorial and editorial expertise as well as Master's/PhD/Postdoc degree programmes is necessary. Search for an editors familiar with economy and economy to check and rework scientific publications.

Qualifies for at least 5 years of professional training and a postgraduate diploma. These freelance activities are carried out from home. Search for a copy and a copywriter to check and edit the article. A postgraduate diploma and at least 5 years of professional training is required. Has to have powerful grammar abilities. Freelance. Finding an editorial staff member for a part-time job who is in charge of editing contents, correction of mistakes, proposal of audits and adherence to schedules.

HS-Diplom, good written and editing abilities necessary. Knowledge of non-linear editing tools is an advantage. Three months for a leading lawyer with at least six years of labour rights practice. Offset item. In charge of the creation of social medias and histories, the development of editing agendas and maps and the cooperation with different stakes.

A minimum of two years is required. Long duration of 12 months. Up to 25% range of motion. Make sure the contents are interesting and published on community forums. A one-year agreement includes a BS/BA and at least 2 years exposure to a large global player or first class enterprise in the field of online publishing.

Previous engineering authoring - required to develop innovative authoring tools, assist with editing, proof-reading, and editing work. Three and a half months, full-time with the possibility of renewal. Self-employed activity. 3-5 years in the field of interactive graphic design and after-effects. Agreement to adjust the item.

Comprehensive course planning and change for a college in this secondary occupation. You must have a Bachelor's qualification, good MS Office language proficiency and outstanding organisational abilities. Master's and didactic training are welcome. A freelance associated writers wanted for a full-time job that requires a BA/BS, good literacy proficiency, prior journalistic or related publishing expertise and the capacity to keep to deadlines.

Traending News Editor is needed for a tele-occasion. Previous knowledge is necessary. Requires legal editor. Fixed-term agreement. Partial and temporal roles. One year of expertise is preferable. Good communicative abilities are necessary. Fulltime, freelance work with some weekends. Temporeal, secluded location. Parttime, 15 - 25 hours/week. Tasks included the creation, editing and update of country-specific work and job related materials, replying to queries and conducting research.

Requires 6 years of professional practice as an employment law specialist. Spare working hours position. He/she is in charge of authoring and publishing contents on a station's website, editing video clip for on-air news broadcasts and working under pressure of schedule. Freelance medical writer is needed to act as an agent specialist, create a science storyline, drive marketing strategies and identifying datapoints.

Has to have more than 10 years of academic research and authoring expertise.

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