Freelance Art Jobs

Free-lance Art Jobs

You are an artist looking for a little work from home? Are you a talented artist? Are you looking for freelance works of art that you can do from home? Daily new jobs for freelance artists. Catch the right job as a freelance artist with company evaluations and salaries.

Art works from home - Freelancers

Much of this work at home on the Internet is for novices and is paid accordingly. These are good ways to raise additional money, develop a career profile or improve your abilities. Ultimately, the acquired expertise can help you to develop your own art form. Whilst most of these jobs are for novices, this schedule of home art jobs also contains freelance options for seasoned performers.

Whilst many seasoned artist choose to set up a shop or photo studios at home, making additional funds at the side of these works of art can help to achieve economies to set up a shop. To find more general options at home, see this list of work at home jobs. Peticentric, funny greetings cards makers licences photos of freelance photographers.

The comics publishing house employs for these works of art on a freelance base. If you are looking for commissioned work, please provide a hyperlink to a photo galleries showing your work. Colllectibles is looking for freelance artist who work with their production design team on collectors' records, ornamentation, dolls, musical clocks and figures.

The firm employs freelance painters working in acryl, gouaches, watercolours, oils, pastels and blended medias to produce works on various subjects (nautical, Christmas, local, floral, etc.) for its stationery production. Magazine accept hand-drawn and computer-generated artwork from freelance professionals. Sportwear employs freelance professionals to help in-house art personnel produce unique images of the mascot, car and high schools game.

Greetings cards firm receives entries for daily greetings as well as vacation art and some humour. Weekly journal buys freelance natural photograph. For greetings cards companies, the artistic directives demand "fresh and funny works of art in all types of mediums and styles". Greetings cards and stationery firm buys from freelance painters a variety of material from prints, old-fashioned, bizarre, humorous and modern works to Photograph.

Self-employed artist can send artworks for a postcard design together with a note for a greetings cards firm. Freelance paperwork (essays, interview, literature and poetry) from $300 to $2,000.

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