Freedom Entrepreneur

Liberty Entrepreneur

The people seek financial and spiritual freedom from their former constraints. A lot of entrepreneurs turn their wheels to start a business. This promotion didn't give me the taste of freedom. The Freedom Entrepreneur episodes for free, on request.

Who we are

Since 2014, together with Stuart & Jay, we have successfully supported several customers in setting up their own lifestyles company at The Six Figure Mentors. Our goal is to empower individuals with the capabilities of electronic commerce so that they can build a lifestyle-based on-line store that allows them to live a flexible and free way of living, just as it was done for us.


Over 10 years ago I established my former "small" company, which today has more than 600 staff and ten thousand clients around the world. Every single working-day I speak to small businesses, and while they all come from different sectors and places, it is a sense of freedom, enthusiasm and effect that determines a company's chances of succeeding or failing, progressing or regressing.

You are passionate about what you do and who you work for. You have a very particular look at the outside wide open, which others often don't see. Steve Jobs, for example, had the image of a telephone with a key on the front. It was Jeff Bezos from Amazon who had a premonition for a shop that would sell everything.

At first, many folks thought I was mad because I believed that a flourishing enterprise - which focuses only on the prosperity of small businesses - could last. So what is your real love? There is a real distinction between those who go through hard times and those who do not. Liberty is the capacity to devote your free and easy life as you see fit. What you need is the freedom to do it.

Freedom in finance allows you not only to expand your company and hire your staff, but also to give your families the kind of living you want. Liberty allows you to spend your free moment on things that are important to you, whether with your relatives, your boyfriends or your interests. The effect should be the focus of your company.

They may think that once your company has reached a certain phase of expansion or you have a larger household, you will choose to make an effect. Already very early in our company, we made giving and assisting an important part of our job. When you make up an important part of your company from your very first days, you will have an influence on someone's lives every where.

What is your premonition of your company's influence on the global or your own people? Isn' this a big enough premonition? Keep in mind, it's okay and you should be expecting your visions to grow and develop over the years. To have a clear understanding of the effects your business can have is crucial, and this is another power that will help you move forward.

Enthusiasm, freedom and effect are not insulated - they work together and are reached together. You can' t have the freedom you want or the power to make a difference without a commitment to your work. You will never make a difference without freedom and your passions are waste. Go back one footstep and see what your passions are and what freedom means to you.

Imagine the effects you want your company to have and then incorporate your responses into every facet of your organization. Since you are looking at these three components of small-business success, it is also important to consider the state of the hit that your shop is in. We at Infusionsoft believe in seven levels of small businesses' achievement.

The angle of your perspective on your visions, your freedom metric and perhaps even your passions will develop according to the state you are at. If you are growing in a professional manner and your company is growing, take the opportunity to regularly assess these substances and make sure they all work in harmonious alignment towards a common understanding of your company's performance at every phase.

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