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Complimentary authoring software

And if you're an author wondering what novel writing software to use, here's a dozen writing tools used by a commercially published author, all free or cheap. yWriter is a word processor that breaks your novel down into chapters and scenes and helps you track your work while you leave your mind free to create. Indispensable computer software for authors. The free software is a big improvement in spell checking. Write clearly, effectively and error-free wherever you type.

This is a minimalist writing application for the Mac.

Creative Software for Authors

Wellcome to our expanding FREE Writer's software listing. Only software for authors. If you are a writer's e-book, try here: We' re always looking for more to help new authors get established in the publisher community, so if you know a shortcut or would like to provide a free e-book, please email us.

Create your own stories from a single Spark! With WriteSparks, over 500,000 stories are sparked for you! Convince yourself - make a free test ride with this software today! The free of charge release does not run out - so you can use it again and again. Get information about the character, event, place and idea.

This is an action-packed storyline engine that analyzes the texture of your storyline, finds and suggests how to find it! An all-in 450-page history structured manual, full-featured eBook directly in the software! There are 70 full drama collapses of known tales that you can use as templates for your storyline. Characters creation tool, plot progression map, theme browser, brain storming tool, storylist of points and much more!

The Storyline is a stand-alone application that contains some of the functions and a small part of the contents of the entire company. You will have easy and convenient use of a wide range of educational materials, an online lab, a "My Notes" block and much more. You will also find commented samples and Nancy Kress' interactively "Questions and Answers".

On The Writer's Territory

Writers' territories. The place where writers of all kinds meet to talk, chatter, chat, chatter, chitchat, chat, chitchat, talk,... and of course to discuss their favorite handicraft tools: writing software for literary and non-fiction writers. You are free to wander through these squares as long as you like. If you find anything lacking or worrying, bewildering or otherwise noteworthy, you are obliged by the author's company policy to meet this PANIC BUTTON immediately and let me know what's going on.

As a scriptwriter myself, I have used many different writing software utilities and acquired more knowledge about what works and what doesn't than I had planned. However clever a bit of writing software may be, sometimes these things just don't want to do what they're meant to do.

So I want to give you some useful information about the types of writing software available BEFORE you invest your hard-earned cash. I' m testing many different free and chargeable software bundles and give you my sincere opinions. Accelerate your writing and increase your efficiency by mastering these skills.

Have you found a few tips for yourself and want to share them with your writing buddies? Which writing software combinations do you use? Otherwise have a lot of joy when discovering.

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