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Worldpress, PBWorks, Tumblr, and all these other sites that have been developed around the online publishing of content. We' ve got a free eBook that can be very useful to you. Free Rice - I know I have written about Free Rice before, but I can't help myself. You can use the comments to share your own favorite "fun" pages. You a freelance writer or do you aspire to become one?

There are 30 real websites that you immediately buy for writing

This is the place to be if you've ever thought of writing for cash. Through meticulous work and research, I created and assembled this website directory, which offers authors the possibility to earn with the author. Every page on this checklist is real. Here is a credentials from a readership about the results she received from writing for one of the pages on one of my index.

I' m going to include 30 great sites and blog posts that make sure everyone pays to do it. I' ve not tried all the web sites on this schedule, but I made sure I did my appropriate research by searching through Lots of web sites and by going through feedback both from other free-lance writers to make sure this article will be as accurate as possible.

Whilst there are web sites that give you a portion of the income that your article will generate, it is often challenging for compilers wanting to get really well Paid without having to spend years for their income to accumulate to profit from these web sites. So I believe you should be able to get Paid for your items immediately, and this item is going to give you a listing of 30 web sites that will give you a set monthly payment for each item you contributio.

The majority of these sites charge around $50 per item, and some of them even charge up to $900 for an item. When your letter is approved by one of these sites, you should always be expected to be charged from a few business hours to a full month. Obtain the update 2015 version of this list:

There are 110 sites created by the authors of the new, up-to-date versions of this mailing lists, which will be up-dated and validated for 2015. Please click here for the current listing. Most of the sites below have the good thing that they also allow you to create a biography with a back to your site.

That is, by posting to most blog posts on this mailing lists, you will be remunerated for marketing yourself. They can make a lot of cash writing article for these 30+ sites: You can Submit Article to Developers Tutororials on anything from coding to web scheme, and you will be able to get $30-$50 for listing article and $50-$100 for tutorial.

Audiotuts+ is one of the blogging sites in the Envato Blog Net and also offers writing capabilities. A fast tip should contain about 500 words, so you should be able to earn money quickly for your brief post. Or if you have some fun things that many of you think your friends will enjoy reading, you can write a self-paced guide and send it to PSDTuts+.

This type of self-paced guide gives you everything from $50 to $150. American College of Healthcare Sciences is looking for papers on wholistic healthcare and wellbeing. You want to buy items in the 600 - 1,000 word category and are charged $50 per item you accept. WORLD START is another great website that offers free-lance authors various ways to make a living with their writing.

You have the $25 for 250 word items, the $40 for 400 word items, the $45 for 600 word items and the $50 for 800 word items. Having over 300,000 paid visits per month when you are in the tech/computing alcove, you can get a whole bunch of exposition and some more writing possibilities your way by writing for this blogs. is looking for handy papers to help authors get their writings published; they have a penchant for successtory. You' ll be charged $45 - $50 per item, whether you want to be payed by cheque or Paypal, and items are usually approved within a period of one weeks of upload.

The Writers Weekly is not a blogs. Writers Weekly gives you everything from $40 to $60 for items you enter. The Brazeen Careerist searches for listings of network meetings in different towns. You are paying $50 per item, and you must agree the fee with the publisher before you begin working on your item.

They can give her an easy written notion for the exam towards next year on the topic of free-lance writing/making moneys. You' ll receive $50 for each of your products that is purchased. Listentverse searches for interesting and one-of-a-kind listed authors' products. Lists verses pay $100 per authorized listing, and you want the article to contain about 1,500 words and at least 10 of them.

We are looking for older students' educational material. You are paying $75 - $135 per item, and your order is paid via Paypal or cheque 30 day after an accepted item is posted. eCommerce Insiders searches for items via e-commerce and retailing, and you are paying $75 - $125 per item.

Items can be 400 - 600+ words, and you also have a biography under your item. Imagine being an Adobe product specialist and sharing your experiences through your writing. You can do it all from $50-$75 by submitting your Tutorials to ItTechLabs. It is easy to make a living by writing about Vector Art and contribute to Vector Tuts+.

Up to $150 per item will be charged for your letter, subject to the condition of the item and you can get your money through Paypal or Moneybookers. Change Agent is an adult education publication that costs $50 per item. You can have anything from 250 words to 1,000 words, and you will still get the same amount, no matter how long your contents are, as long as they are used.

When you think you can post about anything ceramic, you should try You' ll receive $25 for each adopted story, $350 for a 1,000-word spreadsheet, and up to $900 for a 5,000-word spreadsheet. Writing for The Dollar Stretcher will give you $0.10 per words for each item you accept.

This means that you get $100 for an item with 1000 words and $500 for an item with 5,000 words. Drozone is a skydiving blogs popular with billions of users every month, and by writing for Drozone, in addition to getting a great deal of attention, you will pay $50 for every item that is approved and up to $100 for an item that is introduced.

Metroparent is a parental journal that will pay you anything from $35-50 for a brief item, and up to $350 for a full story. Your item will be paid upon publishing. Site Point is currently one of the premier web sites for web design and they are interested in providing high value professional authors to help their expanding team.

You must have more than 1,500 words in your item and you will receive a $100 all-inclusive. When your item really works well and can produce up to 100,000 page impressions, you get $250 more. Up to $100 can be earned by posting an item to Theme Forest, and you can take the chance to get more attention for yourself.

They' re looking for handy educational items and they are paying $100 per item they accept. You' ll also be able to join back to your site in your item biology. They are an authoritative web designer blogs and are paying $50 for approved posts and up to $160 for the tutorial.

SmartSmashing Magazin is the number one web designing blogs site and you can readily win a bunch of exposition, while at the same times getting Paid for every item you submission that is approved. There''s no set rate for your items, but you can be sure that you will be well-payed if your item is of high qualitiy and well-received.

You are looking for items about Photoshop; your item can be either a fast tip or a fullorial, and you can make $50 - $300 per approved item. When you are really good at programming and want to exchange your experiences with others through your writing, you get up to $150, subject to the level of difficulty, for each approvedorial.

The UX Booth is another designer blogs on this mailing lists that is paying $100 to free-lance authors for approved work. Your essay should be about design/usability. You are looking for essays about web designing, freelancers, productivity and other related subjects. You' re paying $100 - $200 per item you accept.

You are looking for unique items in the 1,000 - 2,000 word area. You' ll want you to throw them first before you continue with your item, and they'll charge $100 - $150 per item. Not only can you contribute an item to Crazy Leaf to show your skill to tens of thousand of people, but you will also be rewarded for how good your item is.

Yes, I know I just pledged 30 pages in the cover of this item, but in others, I will supply you with 3 more pages. Use these pages to get more attention and earn more money at the same one. The InstantShift is a favourite online weblog that pays you for items built on the basis of the submission made.

Sites are well reputated and have a good name, so you should be able to make a great revenue for top of the range items you are submitting.  This is another great designer website that will offer pay which will be shops that will be able to offer you the best possible service for you. You' can simply add great ideas and get involved in your work while getting rewarded.

Payments are not specified, but Noupe is a reputable on-line blogs, so you should be expecting something great for your top qualifying entries. Obtain the update 2015 release of this list: There are 110 sites created by the authors of the new, up-to-date versions of this mailing lists, which will be up-dated and validated for 2015.

Please click here for the current version of the table. When you like to read this story or think it is of great value to you, please post it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon using the following icons. I would be extremely nervous and lucky to do more if many folks discovered and relished this item.

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