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Must Have Free Grammar App for Writers. Aperture - The only text editor you need for trouble-free writing. Get Writing for Windows XP. Need an application that works on both Windows and MacOS? This means until I came across GhostWriter, which is available for Linux and Windows.

Editing MS Word as an alternative to MS Word

This free text processing software can be a great choice for Microsoft World. Most of them have very similar features to Microsoft Office and since they are free, you will save several hundred bucks by using one of them. Any of the free text processing programs listed below can generate, modify and reprint your document. Most of them can open and manipulate Microsoft Office files, verify your orthography automaticaly, use a large choice of free MS Office MS Office template, and more.

The top pick for a free text editor is at the top of the page. They have most functions and I suggest you check them first to see if they meet your text editing requirements. They should find that most of them can do almost everything Microsoft World can.

For a free text editor that doesn't need a file to be downloaded, look at this free listing of on-line text editors that you can use from anywhere you have an active webbrowser. Notice: All these text editors are 100% free, which means that you never have to buy the software, you never have to deinstall it after so many working day, you just have to pay a small donation, buy add-ons for essential functions, and so on.

Use the following text processing utilities for free as downloads. The Kingsoft Writer is a really simple to use, free text processing program with tabs, neat designs and a clear layout. The spelling checker is automatic, as you would have expected from a good text editor. It' even very simple to turn spelling checking on and off using the menus below.

The Kingsoft Writer features full frame support, double page layouts and the ability to suppress the menu for flawless writing. They can also include user-defined directories, read/write common files, make a title page and directory, use built-in drafts, encode pages, and more.

Please note: Kingsoft Writer is part of the Kingsoft Office Suitesoftware, so you must have the entire Kingsoft Writer Suites to get the Writer part. The OpenOffice Writer has all the functions necessary to put it on a good text processing programme lists. There is also a handheld feature that lets you use the application on the go with a flashdrive.

It includes automated spelling checking, supports a wide range of common files, the possibility to attach annotations to the page of any type of paper, and easy-to-use assistants for generating documentation such as correspondence, fax and agenda. And you can even undo these changes, giving you more room to write while still having easier accessibility to important workspace.

Notice: Similar to Kingsoft Writer, you will need to install the entire OpenOffice Suites on your computer even if you are currently downloading Writer. While WordGraph contains most of the default functions that you would find in any text editor, it also has some quite different utilities. Although a spelling checker is built in, it does not work in real time, which means that you must run it by hand for it to work.

Notice: In contrast to the two programs above, you can use WordGraph alone without having to install the corresponding SSuite Office application. It opens a document quickly, has a really easy look and has support for processing and storing in common files. There' is nothing that distinguishes AbleWord from similar applications except that it doesn't have useless icons or bewildering functions and preferences.

Although there is a spelling checker, you must run it by hand, because it does not find mistakes inadvertently. The AbiWord is a free text editor with automated spelling checker and popular formats to use. Sharing and reflecting changes in a document allows real-time cooperation. Popular data formats work with AbiWord, such as ODT, DOCM, DOCX and RTF.

Another free text editor with a tabs for keeping all open files on a single monitor. Popular filenetypes are corroborated and you can configure Jarte to store a single page every 20 minuto. You can configure Jarte to open the last executable you used when you started the application which is a neat feature that most other programs in this dropdown menu do not allow.

RoughDraft is another free text editor. Work with RTF and TXT spreadsheets, provide automated spelling checking, and allow key combinations for almost any key. It is easy to open and modify your data from your computer because the Explorer is open on the application page. RoughDraft allows you to open up to 100 simultaneous RoughDraft spreadsheets.

The WriteMonkey is a handheld text processing program that provides an intuitive user experience with as few diversions as possible so you can concentrate on writing and nothing else. You can do everything from formatting the text to checking spellings and opening the settings. Even though it is available, it is not automated, which means that you have to open the program to search for it.

You can run the application in fullscreen, so you won't see any other windows. There is a checker available, but it is not real, which means you will not see any misspellings as you enter. It looks similar to Microsoft Word, and you can even use some of the same files as DOC and DOCX.

All the new files that are opened are kept in their own folders to keep everything close and organised at the same them. Whilst it is simple to use and has a neat appearance, Judoom does not contain any general functions that you would normally find in a text editor, such as spelling checkers, header and footer lines and page numbers.

The AEdit user interfaces are a little out of date because the developer gave up the application and has not published an upgrade since 2001, but it still works well for wordwork. With AEdit, you can password-protect your document and add a spelling checker that does not scan for inaccuracies.

AEdit' free text editor works with Microsoft's favourite DOC file formats, but not the newer DOCX one. And if you can't find a text editor you're satisfied with, use the free evaluation version of Microsoft Office to get the full functionality of Microsoft Office for a whole months.

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