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Canada's most renowned writing programme From July 1, 2019, the CWP will accept entries for two professorships as assistant professors. We' re looking for an assistant professor: Aboriginal writing and for an assistant professor of the Rogers Chair. Congratulation to MFA candidate Kavelina Torres, whose Yugumalleq / Shades of Life will be aired on August 5, 2018 at 4:30 pm PST (7:30 pm EST) in the United States Indian Country and on PBS locations in the USA.

Sundance Native is a Sundance Native movie and an Alaska Native Playwright's program Aumna. Yugumalleq lives on First Nations Experience (FNX) for PBS-TV. Their piece Something in The Living Room premiered in April 2018 in Vancouver, BC, to collect donations for secure injectable locations. Alanna Francis, a young MFA alumnus, talked to us about the script she had written as a trainee in the CWP.

You can' stop studying the manuscript! Everyone had a great laugh at the New Shoots Anklology Launch 2018! Each year, the CWD works with the Vancouver School Board and we are sending MFA's as New Shoots mentors to colleges. The New Shoots mentors work with the student from December to May to research every conceivable writing style (and a few more).

We will be publishing an overview of the students' work and celebrating their achievements at a launching ceremony in June. She and Wayde have been reading their work together with the amazing New Shoots undergraduates, as well as two of our MFA Monitors, Meagan Black and Andrew Dasselaar. Many thanks to all New Shoots tutors, undergraduates, teacher, family, and fans who made this an unforgettable time!

All new and recurring MFA's living in Vancouver: In September we will be looking for new Shoots Mentors for 2018-2019.... You will hear from us!

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