Free Writing Courses London

Writing courses London

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The Young People's Laureate for London Momtaza Mehri gives London's youth a vote through lyric. The annual London Short Story Award aims to identify, publicize and promote the best authors and storytellers from the city.

Writing course free of charge with WoLab and Theater N16

WhereLab is pleased to work with Theater N16 to offer a free 12-week in-depth course, taught by experts from the arts and industries and aimed specifically at actors and authors. During the 12-week period, you will build on your dramaturgy and drama expertise through a range of tailor-made training courses, including production and marketingĀ mentorings, as well as frequent attendance by seasoned playwrights/theatremakers in the theatres.

Each participant works on an industrial display window for an inviting public of agencies, cast director, programmer and producer. During the whole course the students are writing their own monologues to appear for the cabinet and are writing a duogue together with another member of the group. On June 20 an induction event will take place (Time TBC).

Wednesdays from 11 am to 3 pm, from 27 June to 12 September. Showcases appointments: The meetings will be at Theatre N16, 5 Ashley Road, London, N17 9LJ. The short-listed candidates will be auditioned on Wednesday 13 June. You' ll be informed if you have been short-listed by Friday 8 June.

Dyslexic Writing - London

This workshop is for dyslexics who want to be creative. It is headed by a author who is of dyslexia, has written two books and various essays and brief histories and has been a teacher for over twenty years. Classes are designed for both novices and those who have been writing for a long time.

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