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I' m writing books and teaching others to write their own. We' ve got free, self-guided tutorials to help you become a better author faster. You can view and/or download all books for free. Perspectives on Writing deals with writing studies in the broadest sense. Books;

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It is important for anyone taking or studying for various examinations, such as Bank PO, Banker, Railway, SSC, Income Tax, Central Exercise, Insurance, UPSC, NDA, CDS, Luftwaffe, MBA, BBA and other competition examinations. Self-publishers and independent writers have entered the publishers' business in recent years, producing an almost outrageous number of books, both digitally and in pocket.

The majority of writers have written out of a passion for literature or the pleasure of telling their stories. Ultimate Writer's Guidebook - Make your own e-book in less than a week! Now you can get off to a good start creating and producing your own e-book with this handbook and finding out what implements and assignments your first e-book is going to get out there where you can make some cash with it!

Now in its fifth issue, Fine Print of Self-Publishing has been praised by business experts as the ideal publication for writers considering self-publishing. Small print has assisted tens of thousand of authors to improve the service of self-publishers, contractual conditions, print..... The 20-page eBook is a fundamental guide to the professional writer's work, as well as the possibilities and issues of today's market.

Selling copy is not selling copy unless it is selling your chances on your listing. Actually it is only an item - an interesting item full of hysteria - but still an item. So what does it take to turn this boring one-dimensional item into a real sale conversation?

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1. 70-redundant typo fixes by Bob Mayer. This is a marvellous source from an expert writer. Approximately 11,000 words of marvelous counsel. He is the writer of several wonderful manuals, the first five pages of which. A Greenleaf Book Group author's handbook. Greenleaf's good folks have made this short guidebook available to beginners who are just starting out in the business of editing and editing. the FAQ!

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