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Receive your free e-book with writing tips from professional authors. Comment faire publier vos écrits dans des revues savantes Unser erstes Buch ist der Guide to Academic and Scientific Publication : The latter means that there is no free lunch. You can order the book now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and IndieBound. In the following you will find all my currently available books for authors.

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There is a plethora of useful writing tips in this free e-book directory. I' m sure you'll be surprised how magnanimous these authors are and how much passion they have to help you achieve your writing objectives. We are all bewitched by the concept of nothing but our words, but don't lose sight of supporting your favorite authors if you can!

The Writerologist's A-Z describes some intriguing psychologic phenomenon and gives you drills to help you practice it on your writing. So I suggest you get in early and start reading it while it's still free.

If you are a writing skill from Jim DriverI you should be able to see this e-book (digital) covers, and if you are a novelist who also is suffering from snobbish literature, I think you should too! There are some great tips on researching the markets, as well as some well-founded tips taken from the literature of the time. One of the best books on writing. This e-book does a fancy work of synthesizing the council of some of the best books on writing.

Paula's music is fast and approachable, and I strongly suggest that you keep it while it's available. This is a large, realisable e-book that takes you through the development of an authoring portal in stages. These ebooks are full of tips for making scoundrels that your reader hates, fears and loves to the world!

This is a treasure trove of information about the publication of one of the world' s premier independent composers. Ditch the Publisher: 40 Independent authors on their Unique Self-Publishing Journeys by Russell Blake et al. a fabulous compilation of various authors' contributions, full of tips on writing and posting for indies. Building your authoring platform and selling more books about Kindle by Nick StephensonI have used Nick Stephenson's astonishing workout to expand my audience, and I can confirm that it is a pleasure.

Have a look at his free video! I am so lucky to be able to enclose an e-book of these two charming women! Your Thursday Positive Trait and Negative Trait are two of my most frequently used books, and the Emotion Amplifiers are a marvelous complement to the series. I had to add one of my own e-books to this mailing lists!

Thirteenth | Good or Disease by Scott Nicholson et al. another large compilation of essays by various writers, grouped into the category "Art", "Crafts" and "Business". One of the things that this e-book has to offer is counsel on calling letters, writing them, selecting their career and more. There is also a selection of 11 "dichotomous" personalities to inspire you.

word counters are marvelous implements because they give writers a definite aim to work towards, but this e-book is a intriguing study as such. The Lazette Giffords e-book is the classical NaNoWriMo user guide for as long as I can recall. It' full of sound writing tips, whether you take part in NaNo or not.

PostFreelance Writing 17 100+ Answers to Writing freelancer Carol TiceCarol Tice has written an e-book of the most frequently asked authors' quiz. This is a great source for reading if you are asking yourself what it takes to earn a livelihood as a free lando. Journalists snarl about their author Linda FormichelliLinda Formichelli interviews ten journalists from leading German and professional journals about what keeps them from doing what they do.

This book is for fans of Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones. It is a fast reading with many top hints and good samples. This is probably the reason why it works so well on Wattpad. It' a fast reading and more motivating than convenient, but I like it!

Well, I trust you liked that listing. When I' ve been missing any e-books, if any of the links don't work, or if any of the e-books are no longer free, please send me a fast message.

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