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The app appeals to us daily with good stories that allow us to share and enrich the world with a common experience. Verified story apps from verified developers. Use only the best Android stories apk downloads. It' free of charge! Foreign language stories.

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Browse the Inkitt app for free and find and view hundreds of thousand new literature titles. Featuring fantastic literature, science fi l ce and thrillers, nightmares, mystery, romanticism and more! Explore handpicked novel from all styles and accompany us on our quest to help emerging writers with their first publishing missions. More than 700,000 users have found new stories by independent writers on the Inkitt Reader's App.

Featuring fantasy, scifi, thriller, enigma, horror, action and adventure, drama, romanticism, eroticism and YA, you' ll find handpicked stories and textbooks from all styles. Incitt is the ideal free application for viewing literature on your Android mobile or tray, especially for enthusiastic users who enjoy exploring future stories by new and gifted people.

The stories on the Inkitt app are the top tips of our readers. We are passionate about reading and writing and we want to be able to share them. You can also find fantastic, sci-fi, thriller, enigma, gruesome, horror, actions, dramatic and comedy on

301+ Short Stories Lite on the App Store

Mayor Update - Lite Edition now has more than 100 stories! Quick Stories Anywhere! All Was:: Review For Full Version: Even for a compilation app, 301+ Brief Stories Lite has some of the classical shorts by great writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack London, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and more.

  • All the stories are in the app - you don't have to go on-line! A few of the stories: downloading it now for free!!!!!! there were only like (5) stories!!!!! i was expecting a few more, even though this was a free app. the stories were a little long! if im not going to reading one of the stories in like 1 or 2 minutes when im seated at a bonfire!

so-u should make it briefer and u should be adding more! if the free app is similar to the 99-cent app, i would have squandered a dollar! some of the stories have a silly resume that aint that fearful or creepy. for moments THE BRAND ON THE WALL. o it was a slug like weird!

I' ve very little in the way of reading, so the choices of so many interesting stories at my finger tips is fantastic. I' ve only been reading a few stories and they have morality at the end, but they seem very interesting.

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