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It is the best free writing software for those who are afraid of big changes. On the other hand, the advanced level of writing can help you to become more creative. " I say "try it" because it doesn't always deliver the perfect word, but it certainly helps with the creative process. Complimentary delivery for eligible orders. It' free and the free version doesn't limit you to a certain number of mind maps like other free software out there.

Story Mill for Macintosh

Register now for a free evaluation version of StoryMill for Macintosh! Fill out the following registration request to get your free evaluation copy. Designed from the bottom up for Mac OS 4, StoryMill 4 is an exciting way to streamline and optimize the creative writing world. Incorporating easy-to-use text processing and a highly advanced data base, this groundbreaking application gives writers the necessary tool to write a best-selling book, which includes project-wide notes and centuries-long time lines - an innovation in the game.

See this brief movie and see Story Mill in Action. HistoryMill 4 is versatile and easy to use. Utilize it as your no-nonsense place to review and review, with its distraction-free full image and powerfull annotation, or as your entire data base of any characters, place and scenes that make up your novel. They can also specify a day-to-day writing target and follow it using the progress indicator.

StoryMill 4's Timeline Viewer lets you group your scene so you can see the relation between them. Add a scene or event and look at the unclocked scene lists. Irrespective of how long your history lasts, the Timeline Viewer gives you a one-of-a-kind angle that can only be found in StoryMill 4.

Snapshots make the edit easier so you can quickly go to any scenes or chapters and take a picture of your work. Then you can display two different copies of your letter and make changes and corrections in one so you can check them against the other. StoryMill 4's best function is full-screen mode, which gives you a smooth, trouble-free writing world.

Choose any colour backdrop and any colour types - including your borders - either way, your eye will thank you for it. Get a copy of StoryMill today and get to work. When you are not happy with your order, please send the item(s) back within 30 workingdays from date of order, unless otherwise stated on the products page.

It is your responsibility to pay the cost of returning the goods. We kindly ask you to enclose a filled out form with your consignment. We will make reimbursements for up to one full month once we have recieved the goods. Any software returned must be disabled and removed from your computer before a reimbursement can be made. If you need help to uninstall or deactivate your software, please consult the software vendor.

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