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Free-of-charge short story competitions

For Commaful' s Writing Contests, USA, Varying, Varying, Varying, FREE, See comments. The Remastered Words Short Story Contest. It' a monthly short story contest. Catch a free writing competition list. What: The annual short story competition of authors and artists is open to published and prospective authors and is free of charge.

2048 Free international writing and non-writing competitions

Looking for on-line contests where you can send in your work? Have you got the passions, the competition categories you are interested in? You will find a current competition schedule in this post, clearly indicating the deadlines for submitting entries for the contests mentioned. Participation in these contests is free of charge.

These are aimed at both limited and unrestricted areas (any person from any given nation can enter their works in the competitions that come under this category). Where the competition is limited to a certain area, it is displayed. Four competition types will be the focus of this article:

Literature (short story & light fiction), non-fiction (essays, articels & poems), photography and design (incl. illustrations). Make sure you obey the regulations laid down in each game. In every sweepstakes, a hyperlink has been provided to take you to the sweepstakes page of the site so you can take more bite out of this sweepstakes.

The following articles gave an outline of the individual competitions, but did not exhaust the information for the competitions cited. Don't forgetting to familiarise yourself with the different spellings. It' a short story competition every three months. It' a monthlong fictional game. Every time of the week has its own topic.

Familiarise yourself with the general guidelines described in the Sweek Blog on the Montly SummerFilm Competition. To find out the Sweek Flash-fire competition topic for each and every months, click here. This competition aims to help new authors, i.e. authors who have never yet released a work for the competition author will be in.

Our top-class jury will select a prize for every category: Belles Lettres; Poetics; Biography. In cooperation with The Literary Consultancy (depending on eligibility) they are also provided with the section and the verses or free reads. In this competition there are four categories: Every section has its own question on which you should build your paper.

After the first reading, these feedbacks will be published on the same date as the shortlist is published, while the evaluation is underway. The Story is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to get and help fighting people. You say: "The tales created by our competitions make a true distinction.

It serves the 774 million young people and grown-ups around the globe who are lacking core competences.... in the search for an educated population. To find out more, please click here to go to the competition page of the website. Organised by The Economist, this competition invites young people aged 16-25 to send in their essay on the following issues.

Review your website to get an overview of the following questions/topics on which you should build your essay: So what should a free expression obligation on college mean? "In these areas, The Economist is hardly neutral: we are committed to free enterprise, open society and technology forwards. Visit their website, the Economist, for more information, which includes the admissions procedure.

This is the theme of the competition: You can find more information on the competition page here. Have a look at her competition page, Frieze, for more details. No more than two audiobooks must be submitted. For more information, click here. Founded in 1998, the Preservation Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to help both literature and nonfictionists.

Not only do they continuously organise competitions, but they also regularly take entries from the fields of literature and non-fiction. They are organising non-fiction competitions in four different catagories in the 2018 competition: Overall victors in each cathegory will be awarded $200, runners-up $100 each. Prizes of $50 will be awarded to the finals in each competition.

For more information, please see the Story House website. Sweek invites each person to enter their best poetry for the competition from April 18, 2018 to August 15, 2018. Milk Press prints 10 publications on-line and presents them on the Sweek website.

In addition, the ten short-listed competitors will be given a plaque and positive feed-back from the judges. "For more information, please visit the competition page here. For more information, click here. In case the response is yes, you are welcome to enter your submission on this topic in the following two categories:

Feel free to send in a 3-minute short clip showing your activity that contributes to one of the above mentioned topics. To enter this competition you should be between 18 and 30 years old. For more information on the two above mentioned topics and how to enter your work, please click here. You' re welcome to send in your literature or non-fiction that should be inventive and will not be released anywhere else.

There' only one place to win in this competition. Winners will receive $1,000 and their entries on the ServiceScapelog. Click here for more information on how to send in your work. Anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 is welcome to take part in this competition, where you must enter an essay or video category of interviews.

It should match the topic of the competition: In the Text section, your listing should be between 600 and 1,000 words long. The length of your video should not exceed 5 min. Get of Pests, the organiser of the competition, explains: "The contests will be held in writing or as an interviewer.

This is what is demanded of you: File your transcripts. They could make a tape of your conversation and take part again with the same or similar material. Keep in mind: "Your main attention should be focused on how the fellowship responds to the bedbugs outbreak and the societal and financial consequences: For more information on how to contribute, please see the Get Rid of Pests website.

On YouTube, the organiser has published two video clips on this competition: Three-one question writing competition for Teens Bed Bugs Awareness Writing Competition 2018 and Writing Competition for Teens (Publication & Cash) 2018. Review their website, Poetry Nation, to make sure you obey the regulations to prevent your filing from being disqualified.

Scotland's Castle Craig Hospital is hosting an essays competition to mark its 30 years of existence. More information can be found on the competition page here.

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