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So why do I like to write short stories? No. Neil Gaiman's free short stories. There are five of them FREE and widely used. You can download Short Stories eReader and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Explore the best short stories in the bestsellers.

There are 7 free short stories for emergency situations.

They' re giving you free short stories. Specifically, there are free short stories like "Fandom for Robots" by Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Gods blessing you, Amy), which could no longer be in my lane, unless the lane was called after me and was part of a country I governed. It follows Computron, a robotic thinker who through a show and his random learning how to be a feel (or an approach of feeling) beast.

But the second I tried to switch off a call on the trains - of course I had forgot my earphones - and was back in the Computron universe. Apparently short stories help in these cases - especially if you forget about earphones like me - so I found a few more, just in case.

A superstitious superstar that never sleeps under a bana cane, this tells a touching, fun storyline of a Bengali woman swallowing a spirit while on a date created by her mum. In all honesty, I want a novel that is as beautiful lyre as Leigh Bardugo's Dornensprache, because Meena's history is worth nothing less.

If you like the feeling of this tale - charming and magic - you might also like Ogbewe Amadin's "Riddle" about a little woman called Idara, who wants to be a hag like her own little bird, although Idara's mom is insisting that hagiahs are apt. When you' re not passing through and you're not afraid to die on the trains or anything (I'm very dramatically with the transcontinental team, I know), you might find yourself feeling secure enough to be reading something so dark.

Well, in that case, son, I've got those two thrilling short stories for you. Kimberly Wang's "A Fox Story", published by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren. That' my favorite short story: a cute short homicide novel! Or at least, it begins sweet and then turns into something really scary.

It' a curvaceous tale about a young woman who experienced her little boyfriend drowned, failing to rescue him and facing the resulting deaths. They can find (and support) more stories like these at Joyland and The Puritan. From the point of views of a young woman who dissolves and overlooks her country's system of politics, this one presents hard reality like a myth.

It' different from any other short novel I've ever seen, and I really liked it. You' ll also have the opportunity to listen to the writer reading the tale to you, and that's just another good way to show Room some affection. I' ve always escaped unpleasant surprises by taking out my telephone, so let me know what you like to do while you're in a panic mist!

More short stories can be found here.

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