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Easy publication of textbooks, course materials and research results. As you can publish your book with a free, independent publishing house, which offers editing, design, book promotion and marketing free of charge. By" free" I don't mean a predatory publisher like Publish America or Author Solutions. There are higher license fees from other self-publishers, but it's not that easy. Complimentary shipping on most book orders.

World' s best book publisher

We' re a free, independant publishing house. This means we offer free publishing service, we don't collect royalties and we make our profit from the design, publication and promotion of your work. Preferably, we get a manuscript in a Word document (.docx or.doc format) so that we can track changes and make commentaries and changes while we check your work.

Once your work has been filed and released for release, we will email you a publishing deal so that we can make a clear arrangement and both sides are safe. We offer free proof-reading and proof-reading to ensure your work is in top form before we release it.

Every buck your accounts make, you make half and we make half. If you provide 50% royalty, you will receive 3-6 x more royalty than conventional publishing houses. As soon as the agreement is finalized, we can talk about the name of the work and the artwork. Once the work has been authorized by the writer, we will post the work on Amazon and other vendors and begin to market it.

If it makes good business for your books, we can also tell and release audio books. We' ll also be writing a convincing and thorough account of the work on Amazon and conducting comprehensive searches on keywords and SEO ( "Search Engine Optimization") for the work in order to reach as many people as possible through Amazon searching, Google and other SEO.

Once the work has been released, we will be planning a presentation and promotional campaign (see how Kindle Countdown Mergers have so far boosted our customers' booksales by 905% on average). It will take us several weeks to get the books back to our books, with the help of several hundred, thousand and in some cases ten thousand new people.

We' ll be promoting the product on Facebook, Twitter and a dozen blog, forum and promotional sites during this time. We' re providing you with a listing of mailing lists that only the writer can do, such as linking to Amazon reviews, linking to powerful contributors in your blog, publishing to specific posts for writers, podcasting interviewing, visiting blogs, and more.

We' ll install our own email campaign to help you stay in touch with critics and blogs in your blog. Following the first 90 workdays in KDP Select, we will review our selling and our promotional effort and develop a policy for the next 90 workdays - either another KDP Select promotions or distributions to other eBooks vendors such as iBooks, Barnes & Nobles (Nook), Google Play, Kobo and other online vendors.

At the moment we have found that our customers make more money publishing with KDP Select than with other e-book vendors. Given all the special discounts and revenues from the programme coupled with the fact that Amazon manages over 73% of the US e-book and as much as 80% of the UK e-book marketing.

Would you like to discuss the publication of your work? You want to see evidence that we can resell your work? Are you prepared to publish your work? Would you like to publish your textbook in pocket? When you want to publish your books in professional printed form, we can do all the work for you and market your books through and a wide range of other merchants.

Here is what is contained in our pocket publishing service: A full papermaking cover design to make your cover look stunning and stand out from the rest. A professional interior design for paperbacks, so that you can present your design to everyone. CreateSpace print-on-demand publishing so you never have to spend money on costly inventories and Amazon delivers your titles to people.

Distributed through, so you have access to literally a hundred million people. Retain 100% of the profits if you are selling your printed materials in your offices, at meetings, seminaries, workshops or elsewhere. There are no additional charges if you order a book for your own use or for re-sale at a specific place.

done-for-your custom advertising promotions designed to get your perfect reader to buy your printed publications, eBooks and autebooks. Or we can tell, work on, create, record, produce and release your audio work. You can also have your audio CDs and distribute them to your library and tens of booksellers, with Costco included.

Find out more about our audio publisher here. It is our aim to help our customers to achieve a full-time revenue from the sale of our work. In order to make a livelihood as an writer, you probably need to publish several novels in a single alcove or a single category, unless you already have a large fan base and a large audience, or you are planning to give a large number of lectures at workshops and meetings.

We' ve got a few customers who have generated big revenues and bonuses with just one volume (Kevin Horsley with Unlimited Memory and Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, writer of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, are two such examples). Both have worked very harshly to become professionals and to produce truly extraordinary work.

For your convenience, take a look at our latest instructional videos and pricelists. We also strongly encourage you to view our free set of tutorials on how you can generate a full-time revenue as an editor. Here is what we do to help you publish your books with us as quickly as possible while delivering the highest value books you can make to your customers.

Once the publishing agreement has been subscribed and we have received your money, you must provide us with the following information so that we can best promote your books: Once a photographed by a pro you will need your consent to use the photograph in the printed form and on-line in the printed form in the printed form in the book, on Amazon, on our website and elsewhere.

It appears on the covers and in all our advertising work. This is a listing of all other publicized works currently for retail, along with a link to buy them. For all new Kindle project please use our free Kindle sample page.

You do not need to resize your text or use the original if your text is already typed; we will resize it for you. We will thoroughly examine the script before publishing it to see if it is available for publication. Is there a need for serious restructuring or revision of the structure of the work?

It is your responsibility to hire a specialist journalist and/or rewrite the work. Please note: As a writer, you are in charge of ensuring that your text is proof-read and published by professionals. We will let you know if we think your work needs work before it can be published. When you need a skilled, accessible and trusted proof-reader, just let us know and we can direct you to someone who specialises in working on your particular field or category of work.

So what is the story in this one, and how is it different from other textbooks out there? It will help us find a market-ready cover and hooks to make your product stand out from the crowd. To help us create the best possible advertising campaigns, please provide us with a short summary of your textbook (200-600 words).

We' ll help you re-write your summary by emphasizing the items that make your textbook special. Do you need more changes to the product to be competitive? Sometimes we suggest that you add extra contents or materials to the text, such as readership downloads.

Are the books for Kindle, printing and audioprint? You can' t use every single eBook, bookback and tape format. We' ll tell you which format is best for your books, depending on your particular markets and contents. Notice: If you do not have an authoring website or e-mail mailing lists, you will need to spend about $5/month for your website' sponsored website' listing, $10/year for your website' listing and $20/month for e-mail advertising programs.

While we do not charge for your website or your e-mail lists, we show you how to quickly and effectively develop these corporate values to ensure your long-term prosperity. During the editing of the volume we will talk with you about the idea for the volume name. It can take a few moments or a few months, according to how quickly we can agree on a great cover for the work.

In order to begin the tutorial, please come with at least 5-6 titles and subtitles and mail them to us. Watch video #8 and #9 for more information on how to choose a good game. Once we've finished the caption and the caption, we'll begin designing the album.

When you have a particular idea for the front page, let us know. Otherwise, just lean back and unwind while our expert artwork artists create some great themes for you. We know how to create winning booksheets that help you get your own sales, so you don't have to have a special envelope scheme in your head.

Once we have chosen a song, created the artwork and fully revised and proof-read the eBook, we will reformat it for Kindle. We' ll then email you the latest verification before uploading it to the Amazon Kindle Shop and adding the work to Amazon's KDP Select program.

We' ll use the summary you sent us from Stage 2 to produce a clear, appealing account for your Amazon page that encourages the reader to buy your work. First and in most cases your volume will be released on Amazon at a cost between $2.99 and $4.99.

Introducing the product at an affordable cost will help us win new audiences, get more early review and increase your following before we begin the larger KDP Select market. We' ll plan either a Kindle Countdown Deal or a KDP Select Free Promotion as soon as possible after the Softstart.

We' ll let you know when the campaign is planned so you can get ready and advertise the work to your public. Read more about Kindle Countdown Moves vs. Free Promotions on the website here. We' ll compile a checklist of Amazon critics who have already checked similar titles to yours.

We' ll then create an e-mail form that you can either submit directly to these auditors yourself, or we can use our own application to submit the e-mails on your behalf. Just let us know. The only thing you need to do is reply to the reviewer who requests a copy of your text. As a rule, this procedure produces between 5 and 50 new responses, dependent on the volume of the store and the attractiveness of your work.

Most of our customers have also attracted a lot of attention through blogs, TV-interview, podcasts, free participation in bookshows and exhibitions and other free emailing to critics. You' ll need to create your Amazon Authors central account page and request your titles from Amazon.

Once the promotional appointments are made, we will contact high frequency sites and weblogs to ensure they are listing your product during the promotional period to receive as many copies and sells as possible. While you are doing your doctorate, advertise your work as much as possible on your website, in your e-mail lists and in your favorite medium.

We' re also promoting your textbook via our online community and our e-mail lists if it's suitable for our readers. Once the funding ends, we increase the cost of the work to at least $2.99, in most cases. Allowing us to earn 70% donations from Amazon (around $2. 06 per product at a $2. 99 point price) while maintaining our turnover as high as possible and earning the highest best-seller ranks.

By then we will also start testing the product into the $2. 99 to $9. 99 margin to maximise donations and gains. We will be monitoring our sale and visitor numbers and taking screen shots of all bestselling sites in the weeks following the end of the campaign, especially all Amazon bestselling sites.

We' ll then publish the bestselling screen shots together with the link to the story on the blogs to get even more attention. While we can't ensure that your work will be an Amazon best seller number one, many of our customers have reached best-seller number one, as you can see here. We' ll test on-line advertising promotions to help you increase your sales of literature and/or create your e-mail lists.

We' ll share the costs of advertisements designed to buy more 50/50 copies so that we can build lasting and lucrative advertising for you. So for example, if we spent $100 on advertisements and received $150 in license fees from these advertisements, we have a lucrative advertising drive that we can carry on by sales of more book and gaining new audiences.

When you want us to design individual advertising promotions for you to help you set up your e-mail lists, you need to purchase the advertisements directly, and we can administer the promotions for you. After a few week after the end of the campaign, we will check the last few weeks' sale and see if we can increase our ability to earn more prospective sale by retaining the product in KDP Select and executing extra free promotions or Kindle countdown deal after 90 working day, or if it would be a more cost-effective way to upload the product to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords and other eBook-shops.

F: How much can I ask from my work? Creator revenues differ greatly depending on your company's larger markets, your platforms, the standard of your work and many other criteria. We' ll discuss in detail the various drivers that drive your revenue and profit in this free workout session. We have designed this collection to help you increase your volume and create your own platforms.

Anyone who has been in the publishing industry for a long while knows that there is good fortune when it comes to how well a product is selling. We' ll do everything we can to help you get as many copies as possible, but at the end of the working days we can't forecast the results of a particular publication in a particular area.

If you concentrate on things that are out of your hands (e.g. how many books you are selling this month) instead of concentrating on things you can check (e.g. whether you are writing 500 words today or sending an e-mail to your subscribers), you will end up working without making any genuine headway towards your targets.

There are a number of key drivers to your booksales, including: the qualtity of your letter, your e-mail system, books title, cover, book description, type or recess, length of books, how many personal purchases you make and follow from your platforms, how many users feel a need or want to see the books, and much more.

So the more you sell and advertise your book and the more book you are writing, the more you make per work. As a rule, customers of literature and non-fiction with e-mail listings deserve considerably more than customers who do not have an e-mail listing. In case you have not already done so, you should start building an e-mail mailing box immediately.

You are strongly encouraged to purchase Tom's latest edition of Mastery for only $2.99 at Amazon. It will guide you through the setup of your e-mail lists. If you buy the product, let us know, and you will also get preferential admission to Tom's E-mail Marketing Mastery videotraining, which is normally sold for $147.00, as our present to you.

This is on averages the distribution of turnover by size for our customers: Therefore, we generally primarily suggest publishing in eBook size, followed by an audio guide and a pocketback. We' ll talk about which sizes make the most sense for your books and your markets. F: How long does the publishing procedure take?

Once you have sent us your revised, corrected and finished script in a Word file, we can post it to Kindle within 7 and under. This may take longer, which depends on how long it will take you to get the eBook approved, the eBook artwork and the finished formated one.

Paperbacks typically take 30-60 working hours to create, distribute and sell them. As a rule, digital audio works take 60-90 working hours to tell, process, create, publish and sell on-line. There are no charges for publishing eBooks, printed or audio and we share all profit sharing from eBooks in all 50/50 sizes, so you earn 4-6x as much as a conventional publishing house.

You can administer the whole storytelling, processing and publishing processes for you when publishing audio files. You can choose the storyteller of your own choosing from a dozen of expert storytellers. To order paperbacks for your own use or for purchase, you can order them directly from our printers at production costs (usually $2 to $4 per book).

If you order print products at production costs and resell them directly to your audiences, you retain the entire profits. Selling paperbacks on-line, we share the 50/50 royalty as we do. Once your script has been checked and approved, you can call us to find out which publication format is best for your work.

F: Can I use Private Label Rights (PLR) contents for my work? Amazons searches every library files for double contents, which means that any PRL, reused contents or contents present on a blog or other website can be denied and the publishing accounts can be blocked. All scripts are checked with Copyscape and no significant duplicates (10% or more of the total manuscript) are published.

F: What do I have to do to sell my work? You don't have to do anything to sell your work. Doing one of the greatest things you can to boost your disposals and revenues is to concentrate on typing more accounts, so you should never waste quality case on commerce unless it is deed to providing a ample turning on skin than case your close product faculty write.

Most importantly, the most important thing you can do to bring your book to the market is to begin immediately to build up your e-mail inbox. And if you don't have a sales promotion schedule, we'll provide you with a quick and easy way to advertise your work.

For most customers, going through the full promotional check list for each promotional campaign will take between 8 and 16 hrs of work and is really enjoyable, especially when you begin to see the results and get in touch with powerful Amazon critics, blogs and audiences. Thom and his crew have been helping me make my unbounded storage a huge hit.

It was ranked number 1 in Amazon's non-fiction section and is still number 1 in a number of different product groups. Within a brief period of timeframe, the volume has already been distributed over 40,000 times and will soon be available in French, Simplified Chinese as well as Japanese and South American. Without them, I wouldn't have done it, because they keep using innovative and ethically sound ways of maximizing the value of my work.

Do you have any question about publishing your textbook, please contact us via[email protected]. We offer free paper back publishing service to customers only when it makes business sense for your particular publication and your particular markets. As an example, it is unpractical to have fewer than 24 pages or more than 1,000 pages.

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