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Watch our free training videos for authors who want to learn how to publish themselves professionally, complete with eBook formatting templates and more. This is not for nothing if you buy it or agree to be attacked. Request your free self-publishing guide here. It is completely free and open to non-members. Complimentary video training for authors.

Free: "10 things you need to know about self-publishing".

Fill in your e-mail below and I'll mail you this free 24-page e-book with hints, useful information and downloads to get your textbooks in and out. It has never been simpler to get into printing or sales when it comes to publishing your own work. However, this does not mean that publishing has become less difficult.

As a matter of fact, it can be more complicated now than it ever was. The free guidebook will quickly bring you up to date on the 10 most important things you need to know for successful self-publication. And not only that, I added: so you can jump over all these mistakes and make a script that folks really want to buy.

It' all free, just type in your best e-mail addresse in the opt-in field and click on "Send me the guide"! Once confirmed, you will be sent a manual downlaod and my preferred e-mail notifications. P.S. Since the 1990' s, the writers I have been teaching have produced and you can create literary works to meet their own publishing objectives and desires.

Complimentary training for self-published writers

I am proud to announce my new free author development course for the year 2015. It is called EcoBook Publishing School 2.0. Watch this tutorial to get to know my easy step-by-step system that allows you to reformat your e-book without detours, without hassle and without effort. With Microsoft World ( or any other plain text editor such as Google Docs or Pages), you can have your e-book formatted like a professional and converted by Amazon into the Kindle file for free - and let it come out perfectly every single one.

You will be transformed to your Kindle eBook to perfection. It' all in the videotape is responded to. Watch this free authoring tutorial to see step-by-step how to upload your books to Amazon Kindle. Here is what we will discuss in Movie 2: and more! Begin your workout here for free. Most of our more than 12,000 pupils agreed that this one tape is of incredible value.

Tom Corson-Knowles shared his Six Key Foundation for Marketability succes in the third film. Everyone can quickly resell a few thousand or even ten thousand titles. It is true that marketers' strategy comes and goes, but the fundamentals and beliefs of the company's future are intact.

To give you a brief example, one in 2012, I created a policy that allows writers to keep an eye on the precise number of people who visit their Amazon Kindle eBooks page by including an icon in the Kindle eBook descriptor with a follow-up URL. Unfortunately, Amazon amended its guidelines in 2014 and no longer allows writers to include pictures in books.

That strong approach, which enabled me to boost the sales of my accounts by 63% or more, is now useless. In the last three years Amazon has made tens of upgrades that have altered the world. That is why I Ebook Publishing School 2.0 upgraded to be completely up-to-date with all the changes in 2015, and that is why these bases for understanding are so important for sucess.

And in this movie, Tom divides his two most potent free product merchandising strategy, which you can use to market literally a hundred and even a thousand products in a days time. You will also get a free 10 ways to get your hands on Tom's free review of how to buy more titles online. Start studying with Ebook Publishing School now.

Here we are interviewing some of the most influential writers and publishing professionals to give them advice for a winning typing future.

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