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It is one of the most popular free publishing platforms available today. Nearly all self-publishers know this page. "The most famous dialogue from The Dark Knight is something I believe in completely. Publishing DIY allows authors to create, edit and publish their own work. The publication of your contributions on the Internet and as a book is completely free of charge.

Top 15 Websites To Post And Manage Your eBooks For Free

Post your eBooks and After Effects: If you are a self-publisher, the first thing you need to do is get your books published. For most of the time, you can save this through Amazon Kindle, which provides great functions to do it. Your eBooks can be published on the following pages, which are hosting your eBooks for free.

Below is a listing of websites that promote self-publication and sourcing. Childle Direct Publisher Store: The Kindle is the most popular site where the publisher offers daily access to literary content in inches. After logging into Kindle dashboard, you can download your e-book to it. Kindle will process your work and upload it to the Kindle Retail Stores within 24hrs.

Payment Publisher: PAYHAMP is the effective eBooks webmaster. Even pay hip will deliver your e-book safely by bank remittance or shipping. The Lulu: An e-book site that gives you instant access to Barnes & Noble web sites or Apple iBooks is Lulu. Like described above, you can always advertise your eBooks immediately anytime.

Lulu is therefore an optional feature for many eBooks. Smash words: You can post your e-book on smash words for a use like no other. As soon as you have published your e-book on smash words, you can contact shops like Apple iBooks, Branes & Noble, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc.. With the registration you also receive free ISBNs and e-book-convert.

Public: Public, powerful by Barnes & Noble, is the place where you can simply post your own work. You will have to charge them a small amount of your fees per sales as you can get through Barnes & Noble to a high number of people. Cobo Writing Life: Kobo is a self-publishing site that provides a wide range of functions for self-publishers.

You can also include your work in the general catalogue when you are preparing it in your door. Furthermore, the site also provides converting service, which is useful if you have a script in Doc or PDF. All you have to do is submit the script and they'll turn it into an e-book.

BooksTango: BookTango is an easy-to-use, easy-to-use web site that will help you create and manage your bokka... As soon as the artwork is approved, you can post the publication and advertise it via the webpage. You can also resell your eBooks from large retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Apple iBook Shop, Kobo, Sony, Amazon, Google and Scribd.

MyeBook: MyeBook is a free web services that allows you to build, edit, publish and distribute your music. If you have a few eBooks you would like to distribute, you can advertise your'bookstore' via a hyperlink ( Blast-Blurb: Blurb has an eBook Designer to help you get in.

Create and customize your own iBook on a simple Apple iPad screen. When you' re done with the contents and theme, your iBook will be available for sale through Blurb or the Apple iBook Retailer. But if you don't want to release the product on Blurb, the best way is to associate the Amazon Kindle Shop with your current one.

Junkie: E-Junkie is an easier way to start sellin' eBooks - simply resell them in PDFs. It also provides electronic book protection through'PDF Stamping', where the buyer's name, your electronic mailbox and your transactional ID are'stamped'. This is a site that is a multifaceted seller's website. Twelfth Mall: If you already have your finished book, you can add it to your listing on Mall and make a profit from every purchase. eBookM Mall will accept both PDF and ePub file sizes.

Note, however, that if you send your eBooks directly via this programme to eBookMall, your eBooks do not have DRM. EboookIt: EboookIt guides you through the process of transforming your letter into a full-featured eBook sold through large eBook merchants such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Sony, Ingram and Kobo.

You' ll have to charge a commission for converting and converting your fonts to the right eBook format, which reduces the license fees you can make out of it. PayLoadz: PayLoadz is a safe e-commerce solution for downloading electronic goods and eBooks. The PayLoadz Store can be used to market your eBooks to all PayLoadz-User.

It has a reputable audience of ten thousand people today and is a good place to launch your eBook advertising campaigns.

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