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Complimentary poetry submissions

New Voices Free - Always a free way to submit and we always pay for the work. Entries for our Featured Poetry category are open to poets at all stages of their careers throughout the year. Poetry Submission Manager - Frontier Poetry Entries for our New Votes section are open all year round to all new and aspiring poets who have no more than a complete poetry series. Recent votes will only be posted on-line and will contain a series of poetry by new writers each time. While we pride ourselves on our ability to pay for works that have been made public, we will be very select in our choice of publications.

Underrepresented and marginalised votes are also cordially invited. Entries may not exceed 10 pages and no more than 5 verses. No. We do not allow duplicate registrations. All your poetry should be submitted in ONE paper.

Appeals for writings, arts, manuscripts in length, photographs and more from journals, publishing houses, conference and event writings, program writings, etc.

The Junto Magazin receives entries for our creativity-magazin. We' re looking for poetry, all types of poetry and arts. Irrespective of the level of acceptability, all entrants are given an assessment of their contribution with personal feedbacks, proposals and insights into the publication potentials of their work. In order to assist our writers in evaluating your work, a small submission charge has been introduced.

For more information on how to perfect and publish with Junto Magazins, please come to

Please go to to enter poetry and reading works by Franny Choi, Alison Deming, Kate Greenstreet, Dennis Hinrichsen, Fady Joudah, Timothy Liu, Craig Santos Perez, Natasha Sajé, Joshua Marie Wilkinson and many others. The Sky Island Magazine is an independant, internationally accessible literature magazine devoted to the discovery of the best poetry, light poetry, light poetry and lightiction.

For our 24,000 readership, we offer a strong, concentrated and advertising-free literature adventure that will challenge them mentally and emotions. Each entry will receive a timely, considerate and individual reply that describes in detail what we value. Please take a look at our earlier editions and send in your best texts for issue 6 before September 30 at

The West Texas Literature Review is a printed and on-line literature journal that searches for poems, flashy fictions (up to 1,000 words), essay (up to 2,000 words) and photos. In order to review and file the policies, please go to When you are on the website, have a look at our latest edition! Pay: $100/flash fictional item.

Submissions: Free. ?izzle is a new global literature journal for young people. We' re looking for something flash-fiction that not only appeals to kids from 10 years of life (class 5), but also adults. Publishers of literature journals (print or digital) can select works in a particular category or categories for admission to the Orison Books yearly printed edition, The Orison Anthology, which will reproduce the best intellectually committed work from a wide and comprehensive view.

15 September 2018. Authors are invited to submit reviews and other essay articles that use the movie to promote a discussion about narration, aesthetic and significance. They are by no means confined to specific topics; you will find samples of the kind of materials we would like to release in our magazine. It is published every quarter with a $100, $75 and $50 money award for our first, second and third place finishers.

When we post your submission, you will become a contestant for the final and the three best entries will be published after the submission is final. Currently Urban Farmhouse Press is looking for poetry, literature, short stories and sci-fi es. Entries from the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia are welcome. The NCHC Journal of Understudy Research and Creativity Activities is looking for contributions from all currently registered postgraduate scholars.

videoconferencing, fine arts, essay, literature, poetry, economics and trade, healthcare and occupational studies, arts and culture, arts and culture, and educational. Submissions may be works that have been created for teaching or works that have been created outside a schoolroom. Submissions are subjected to a double-blind, peer-reviewed procedure.

Entries here: Bluffton University Literary Journal contains vibrant work by authors aged 14-24. We are looking for poetry, poetic (fiction/nonfiction/memoir/journalism/interviews), arts, comic strips, graphic novel and plays for theatre and TV. Deadline for submission to the 2019 issue is 30 September. For further information, please see and see earlier editions at

Newspaper Issue 8 is looking for young reader (12+) to write funny and imaginative shorts, poetry and works of artworks. Publishes on-line and in printed form (free printed copy for contributors). Prizewinning Printed & Into the Void is open for entries of literature, flashs, non-fiction, poetry and fine arts for issue 9 to September 7.

Now Raleigh Review accepts poems, fastfiction and feature films for the 2019 spring edition. A biennial printed magazine with a gorgeous front page, high grade stationery, full colour interiors and breathtaking typeface. There is a small submission charge and all submissions are on-line. We' ll charge $10 each plus a free contribution copy and a rebate on extra ones.

Astonishing new writings and works of arts are being sought by Saint Cellar, a literature magazine for security and risk. Astonish us with your most challenging poetic and hybrid music.

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