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It is free and easy to make and a win-win situation for both authors. That' s why we update our list of sites that pay regularly. Free online publishing site. When it comes to the academic writing jobs available online on our website, our authors are spoilt for choice. We' re doing your homework online.

Writing Online Sites and Ressources

Among the biggest online writing and writing groups on the net. Many authors have been released and an energetic membership basis. Free online publication site. A few good posts on topics such as writing blocks, character development, selecting assassin tracks, etc. The One Million Monkeys Typeing is a free joint writing venture that is part of Exquisite Corpse part of Select Your Own Adventure.

It' for writers: A lot of ressources and shortcuts. Writing workshop on the Internet: We are a fellowship where authors enter, criticize and debate writing. With voluntary staff and free of cost. Free online story-based rpg, where you and other chats, boards and polls use to play a common game.

This is a site that allows authors to post their work for free. A fellowship of authors and readership. This is a spectacularly fictional website containing science fi xtures, horrors and fantasies, as well as the Rogue Worlds and Simulacrum series. The Ahmed A. Khans Index of Online Film : The Ahmed A. Khans Index of Online Film : Khans : The Ahmed A. Khans Index of Online Film : The Ahmed A. Khans Index of Online Film : Khans : l'index de la Luzern: : This is a site devoted to the presentation of award-winning online illusion on the Internet.

This is a literary resource bookseller' s and reader' resource book. It is a writing and literary society with over 500 mysteries and romanticists. This is an online journal containing collaboration literature from the online world. Requires a member of the Fellowship to post it. Write forward: Writing skills in literature and poetics as well as help with editorial and review.

The ABC Writer's Network: Creatively created writing competitions and interesting article about it. LitereratureBuzz: A repository of materials for publication both online and off-line. Whoa - Woman writing: It is a worldwide publication that supports the creativeness, vitality, blood, perspiration and lacrimal fluid of all phases of the writing world. Everything about literature, writing and publication.

We are the publisher's market place for journalists, operatives, authors and users - the place where you can be seen and explored. Authors - Authors Ressources. BellaOnline - Writing free ezine for authors who feature breaking stories, news, articles, reports & links to the best Resources Online - such as freelance & jobs sites, stores & publisher, titles that seek subordinations, free e-books & softwares, self-publishing Resources, invention, articles, poetry and more.

A online index for authors committed to the goal of placing authors on the roadmap. Invention Factor extensive e-zine with hundred items on invention writing. Go to Running Online Brainstorming Colaboratory: Write is rewrite! No further sluggish add-on history, but a true open storytelling sessions for everyone, with incomplete tales as joint collaborative project for continuous editing, completed with detailed downloadable materials, both on site and via hyperlink on the off-site, about the writing handicraft, general creativeness and pertinent and effective teamwork.

This backspace fellowship is committed to supporting authors in navigating the often bewildering big publishing environment. The Novel Spot is a collaboration between creative people and users of all kinds of books - reading, writing, editing, publishing and others in the publishing sector. Writimg Month Nazionale Novel: An amusing, entertaining approximation to writing novels.

Candidates will start writing on 1 November. Scratchingings provides access to periodicals, writing groups and research aids. There is also a free place on this website to present your work. This is a writing resources page for all authors that concentrates on the reduction of authors' magazine entries for literature and non-fiction. Contains article and a free forums.

Page with good contents about the spectrum of writing activity. Genuine article and link to other sites. Network ABC Writers: This is a source for authors who are creatives. Contains information about writing and competition creativity, beating writing blocks, reviewing books and general consulting. Complete Write Interviews columns, essays and proclamations about the writing milieu.

Romantic fantasy writer and reader in the Romanance Studio Comunit. Lit. org Very lively fellowship for reader and author. This is a site to help you find a writer who loves Jesus Christ. eBook Crossroads: This is a virtuel interface of resource to help publishers write, promote and promote their work. Belles-Forum:: Site has bibliographical review and general information for reviewers but seems to be outdated.

Page with many writing materials. Fund for writers: A site with a lot of good information to help authors make a living - scholarships, competitions, newsletter, etc. A site that offers many free lance writing possibilities as well as information for authors of all kinds and styles..... This is an online advertising company for free authors with vacancies and a forums.

Concerning free lance writing: Twice a weeks jobs posts, forums, original article about all things freelancer.... left, resource.... free review, affiliate programme that will pay 50%. Council of Literary Journals and Presses (CLMP)The Council of Literary Journals and Presses provides services to independents publishing extraordinary literature, poems and essays. The SPAWN: Network for small publishing houses, artists and writers.

ABAC: American Bookingsellers Association: The American Library Association: Associazione of American publisher : American University Presses : Federation of Canada Publishers: Aussie Bookshop Association: Bookssellers United Kingdom & Ireland : Bookseller New Zealand: Professional organisation for book dealers and publishing houses. Federation of Canada Booksellers: The European Booksellers' Association: International Publishing Associations : International Publishing International Publishing Associations : International Publishing Group: :

The National Association of Independent Publishers' Representatives: The English PEN is in existence to foster literacy and literacy comprehension, to preserve the liberties of authors worldwide, to fight against the prosecution and detention of authors for their opinions and to encourage the amicable cooperation of authors and the free sharing of their notions.

The European Booksellers' Association: Online Independent Booksellers Association: Horror Worlders Association: This is a global organisation of authors and publishers committed to the promotion of black writing and the interests of those who use it. Sci-Fi and Phantasy writer of America, Inc. represent the interests of pro sci-fi and phantasy authors.

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