Free Online Writing Courses for high School Students

Online writing courses for high school students free of charge

The college offers free online grammar and writing lessons. High-school students can develop their fiction, fiction and poetry writing skills in our online creative writing course. A grammar and writing is an interactive grammar course that is applied to writing. To preview the course and order your free Teacher's Guide, visit!

Writing courses for high school

Grammar school, use and mechanics *This course starts every morning. The course concentrates on strengthening the basics of high school writing, which include phrasing structures, punctuation, upper and lower case, subject-verbs agreements, sales structures, self-editing and proof-reading. The High School Mechanics enables students to develop their basic writing abilities at a stage that recognises their mature state.

This course conveys the fundamental elements of writing: the parts and different kinds of phrases as well as the structuring of a section. Writing Trainer leads the learner to polish available skill while brushing up and strengthening the fundamentals by writing tutorial. This course starts every morning.

The course of eight weeks concentrates on the basic unity of articles and reports: the heel. Participants are taught the parts of the passage (subject, supportive and final sentences) and the kinds of passages (narrative, explanatory and persuasive). Conducted online writing submissions, a writing tutor offers writing assignments that help the student's skills in using this basic compositional entity.

*This course starts every morning. This course in Writing will explore the writing and writing of your paper from the preliminary to the overhaul. The students practice and master every single writing phase every week before proceeding to the next one. The course will prepare students for writing essays for school tasks.

The students work with an online writing trainer who will guide them through each of the steps and provide them with online assignments to help them master this important writing method. Research Writing *This course starts every daily. This High School Research Writing Course will examine the research processes from the pre-writing phase to the review phase.

The students design and create a research account, practice and master every stage of the research procedure before proceeding to the next one. By the end of the course, students will be able to design, create, design and review a research project using the MLA styles.

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