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I am putting my fiction online free of charge in order to initiate a dialogue with the readers. You' re building such deep characters in such short stories. It is not that child of girl (erotica) Drives Me Crazy (erotica) Forbidden (erotica). An erotic collection of short stories. Stories of sex, romance and sensuality with lively, interesting characters.

Sexual fiction: Making a new beginning

Nicki purchased the flower as a gift for me, which stands next to an empty jar of cava and two old flute, remains of our festivities last evening. There is a second-hand couch separating the "bedroom" from the "kitchen", which consists of a couch desk, three dark violet pillows (from the cafe where I work) and a line of 70s furniture that I can hardly await tore-paint.

It' my new apartment with everything I own in the whole wide oceans. I have wished for so long that I don't care to pay the additional rental for a studios apartment. Had I gone out without him, I'd have to'forget' my cell so I wouldn't have to get fifty lyrics from my cell and assure him that I wouldn't have been dancing with any people.

Things got so horrible that I didn't want to see my close friend any more - even a single evening with Nicki would lead to a war. Before we went home the very next day, he ventured me to take a nude bath. We cried laughing and screwed each other every other every other evening.

But I also felt how disappointed I was that this happened only now, the very next morning, the very next morning, before we went home. Smelling saltwater in my coat mixed with the delicate fragrance of his hide. It felt like the damp nightshine was approaching me with musicians and crowds and chatting with me in the places we walked by.

I was already in his aunt's apartment, I was sitting on the rim of her dinner and he kissed my throat, pushed my gown to the waistline and slipped into me. Tom, my best buddy Tom, licks the saltwater off my face and bites my boob.

But I couldn't get to bed that particular evening; it was annoying to know he was in the next room, temptingly near. Sliding my finger between my leg, I envisioned Tom's powerful palms leaping up my thigh, his warm, harsh limbs and his smooth, damp tongues inside me. Thinking of him, thick and firm, pulsating within me, I achieved a shivering climax before I fell into a disappointed slumber.

So I say good-bye to Andreas and Peter and lock the café doors behind them as they go out into the darkness of the evening. It doesn't seem like I'm putting my energies into someone else's work. I' ve been missing Tom as much as he makes me smile, his surprise timidity if I ever manage to make him flush, the celebrations we would have after one of them.

As if Tom doesn't know what to do with his arms. Then I show him into my workshop and all of a sudden I am self-confident. All he says is my jaw in his palm and strokes my cheeks with his thumbs. When I push my face into his breast, he raises it softly and gives me a full kiss on the snout.

My--my desires flow to the top and my palms run to his face and kiss him quickly and huggish. It hits each of my kiss, pulls me nearer, raises his hand under my T-shirt and brings every centimetre of my body to live with its contact. We' re taking each other's pants off, hungry as he shoves me to the ground, undresses me and gives me coquettas.

As I stand up to my trousers and open his feet, he stands, kneeing over me, his breast curling over the waist of his pant. "I' ve been waiting so long for this instant, let's not be hasty, " he says, lifts my feet up to his lips and kisses each of my onions.

It is moving along the inside of my leg, licks and kiss and caresses my body with its cheeks. When he kissed my tummy, he pushed his hands into me and he must be feeling how excited I am because he moans. "And I can sense it. "He waited until I came, the ripples of joy flow through me, and with his hands still in me he turned me on all four, pulled me to his knee, so that I kneel with my back to him.

He' s supposed to take his hands away, but he keeps them in there, strokes me slow, reaches further and further with his finger tips, while his other hands knead my chest and kiss me all the while. I have another shuddering climax. I pack and still like to let him go when he removes his hands.

I' m expecting to be indignant, but instead I' m even more turned on. Slipping into me, he controls my movement with his hand that grips my waistline. Turning around and wrapping my feet around his back, I grab his back and look directly into his pretty little blues.

As I see that he is about to have an outing, I am so excited, so full of yearning. As I see that he is about to have an outing, I am so excited, so eager that I bring him back to the peak by grasping him nearer to me as we tremble against each other. So we lay back on the rug and Tom puts his face on my tummy and gently strokes my thighs.

However, the thought of becoming friends again, getting another friend, is enough to make me ill. He cupped my ass into his hand and leaned in for a long, gentle knee. He hardened against me and with a quick movement he dragged me off the ground.

I' m hanging my feet around him now. I lean on an ellbow and push my hands between my feet without distracting my eye from it for a second.

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