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I' ve heard a bunch of short storiesodcasts lately! I' m a little (okay, more like how much) behind my short stories update, but this should help me get back on course. It' been a long while, no short stories! I' m back with short films. Most of the times because I began to go to the fitness studio, and how can I get through without short fictional commercials?

I' ve found some free space for short stories, and wow I have some good ones this weeks. I' ve found enough space this months for more short stories! I had so little spare minute this term, but I did manage to make some short film! More than a months ago I pledged a listing of SFF short films to be released in 2017.

However, these are my favourite stories from 2017! See more short stories! I' m trying to get through some of my 2017 books to have a more comprehensive set of referrals for the year. There is no way that I will ever be able to view all the short films released in 2017.

I have worked my way through the Quick Sip Reviews 2017 Requested Reading Lis. It will probably take a while, as it has 78 stories, most of which I haven't known! The most of these stories come from the Quick Sip Reviews lists, although some come from my short stories album.

It' more short stories! All of them are available online for free, as always. Part of Sci-Fi Month, I chose to publish some of my favourite short sci-fi-fictions. This all comes from my regular rounds of free SFF short stories available for free online, so they are all easily accessible and readable.

These stories are in alphabetical order of authors, not how much I like them........

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