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PowerPoints are published on the right side of the homepage of this website. You will learn how to interpret questions and how to plan, structure and write your order or report. On-line course for writing reports Writing for the United Nations is an online course to help you create clear, accurate and logical United Nations reporting. Every section contains hands-on training to deepen the presented materials. Learners can decide how much equipment they want to take in each lesson and can come back to the course as often as they like.

Click on the following links to start the online writing course: Editorial Manual of the United Nations © 2004-2017 (New York). Ready and well-groomed for the United Nations under the supervision of the Heads of Editorial Departments, General Assembly and Conference Management. Naming the name of companies and trade goods does not mean that the United Nations approves them.

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Reporting (online self-study)

While often ignored, reporting is a crucial part of the scam review processes. An extensive report on the investigation gives proof and gives the investigation and your work a credible basis. A study is often not assessed on what has been discovered, but on how the information is presented.

Make sure that the results of your next scam investigation are not wasted in the report using this course. The Report Writing provides a thorough overview of the reporting processes, which includes advice from experts and a downloaded report that you can use for your next exam. Find out more about access to your online self-study course.

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