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The course covers the body of modern poetry, its characteristic techniques, concerns and main practitioners. All necessary reading materials are supplied or are available online free of charge. You can find free online poetry courses and MOOC courses related to poetry. The course is an examination of the formal structural and textual diversity of poetry.

FUNCTIONAL Online Poetry Courses and Workshops

Go to the education portal for the free on-line course listing for non-recognised poetry, which includes courses and workshop with Open University, Yale and MIT. Don't miss the University of Pennsylvania's free on-line course on Modern & Contemporary American Poetry. It' simple to register, fully on-line, and your Frequently Asked Questions page will help you with most of your queries.

This course lasts 10 week and allows you to take part in the course, which course levels you choose and what hours you are allowed.

Poetry Writing (Online) | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

What can the poetical shape do to transform the passions and intensities of my own lives into unforgettable expressive expression? What can an understanding of the skills of past and present verses help me to become a better writer? Poeticism can only work like a team. Not even the titles of poetical characters such as "Sonett", "Villanelle" and "Sestina" can be as daunting as the lists of associated authors, from Shakespeare to Shelley to Sean OBrien.

The course is developed to de-mystify the lyrical compositions and help the student win the self-assurance to write his own music. The course will introduce the student to a broad palette of poetical writing and technique with the goal of giving them a deep insight into how poetics work, an understand of the shapes best adapted to the type of message they are interested in, and trust in the use of equipment such as meters, rhymes, imagery.

The course is for everyone who wants to begin writing poems - or better to do so. This can be done by checking the corresponding checkbox at the end of the registration process or by registering now. Course work is an integrated part of all on-line training and each participant is asked to do course work, but only those who have signed up for the credits will receive CATS points to complete the work to the necessary standards.

When you are registered on the university certificate, you must indicate this on the enrollment sheet, but there are no surcharges. The certifications are available on-line for those who complete the course to obtain qualifications. She was a Poetry Book Society Choice and was nominated for a Michael Marks Award.

For her volume of poems Pure Hustle (Bloodaxe, 2011) she was awarded an Arts Council prize. At the end of this course, students are asked to understand: a broad palette of verses and textures; remarkable instances of poetical shapes from the English literary past; the comparative benefits and challenge of one verb over another; which shapes and technique are best matched to their own upcoming part.

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