Free Online Poetry Classes

Online Poetry Courses free of charge

You can audit the course free of charge if you only want to read and view the course contents. Start with Poetry I: Introduction to Poetry. poesy The National Poetry Month is April! Poetry in America travels through the literary world of a country through videos, archive photos and text, historical site excursions, interpretation workshops with large and small groups, poet and scholar interview, and poetry talks with eminent Americans. Important guest speakers, among them President Bill Clinton, Elena Kagan, Henry Louis Gates, Eve Ensler, John McCain, Andrea Mitchell, Michael Pollan, Drew Faust, Tony Kushner and Nas, offer new prospects in the studies of American poetry.

How can I find free online poetry courses?

Evolve and broaden your poetry skills and esteem with free online poetry classes such as those listed below. These classes are provided by an Open CourseWare (OCW) certified school. Many of them need a PDF viewer and contain useful reading suggestions. The MIT has several OCW classes designed as for-credit classes for students on university campuses.

There is no refund for the course or teacher or classmate input, but you can free of charge access course material, tasks and examinations and define your own curriculum. Every poetry course concentrates on a certain timeframe, a certain writing technique or even a certain poem of great clout. The Modern Poetry presents works by some of the greatest writers of the twentieth centuries, focusing on the interwar years between 1918 and 1940.

Poetry studies: The Sonneteers and Metaphysicals courses include famous British writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and a selection of poetry on the subject of romance. Poetry studies: 20 th cent. lrish poetry: In The Shadow of W.B. Yeats, you will be studying the work of this outstanding lrish writer and his influence on other lrish writers, especially feminine writers.

Every course explores how the poet is affected by societal and intercultural conceptions during his years. Which tasks will I do? Literary classes usually allocate essay tasks, and poetry classes are no exceptions. Every course contains the rules for essay analysis of the poetry from the course. There are also some that outlines other tasks, such as memorising a poetry or preparation of an verbal representation on a poetic theme.

You will not get any response from the instructor to perform the tasks mentioned above. Since many of the poetry is available online, many classes contain a link to a good part of the read. You can also integrate PDF sources, be it poetry or backgrounds on important ideas. A number of classes contain rehearsals of finished commissions, such as analytic papers or sunsets.

In case the course is not free, a text file is provided so that you can find the course materials yourself.

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