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Creative online genres of creative writing courses offered by top universities and. Here you will find day, evening and online courses on creative writing and special topics. The CSSSA ("California State Summer School") creative writing program. Complimentary online lectures and writing courses.

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New ("temporary") location: Are you a seminarian looking for general information about our classes please visit our website. On the homepage at the bottom lefthand corner you will find a catalogue of our latest trainings. A full listing of prices available in the active calendar period is displayed.

To register for a course on-line or to join a waiting list when a course is full, click on the course's number.

Glendale Community College | Writing Creativity

The Glendale Fellowship offers a wealth yoga class. The MCCCD is one of the first US fellowship collegiate district to offer an independent certification programme for creativity at MCCCD. The programme was set up at Phoenix Collegium in 1995 and offers unparalleled study options. Working with renowned authors, you will create a list of originals that you can publish, find an agency, or incorporate into academic research work.

This is a joint training option offered by all of the district's affiliated universities. The GCC programme is eligible for credit for six of the 24 Academic Certificate in creative writing certificates needed to complete any district course, but the Glendale Community College must provide the authors with enormous planning and comfort.

Here you will find daily, night and on-line training on the subject of inventive authoring and specific subjects. You have the possibility to create and extend your handicraft, whether it' in the form of lightning, dialogues or natural script. The Glendale Fellowship College has a lively communal school! Discover our free Saturday workshop series, the Free Association Open Mic Poetry and Prose Series, the Poetry Slam, the award-winning students' journal The Traveler, the Distrikt Schreibwettbewerb and the Midnight Metaphors publishing arcades and arts team.

As well as the programme's background activities, the GCC co-ordinates writing programs with local artist communities and keeps the student informed about the possibilities of competitions and publications.

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