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PGDip (Creative Writing) - Postgraduate Studies, University of York

Led by a supporting instructor, you will reinforce your writing skills and improve your writing skills. These qualifications are perfect for authors of all skill groups. In the search for new forms of expressing yourself and using literature convention, you will be taught to convey complicated argument and to transfer fanciful ideas into your work. Each module has built-in self-study and reflexive capabilities.

Courses offer you the chance to get together with your colleagues, take part in writing seminars and listen to experts about their experience with the writing and publishing world. Learn more from our student and guest authors. The second year will deepen your career in the areas of magazines, self-reflection, literacy, seeing and hearing, writing discipline, criticism of peers and dissent.

Courses lasting longer than one year are subject to the first year' course fee. If this is not possible, the student may have to obtain some text keys himself. You' ll learn online for an approximate 15 lessons per weeks. Though this program is tutored online, the support personnel will lead you through a well-structured curriculum that stimulates debate and expert reasoning.

At the end of each session you will be judged by a balanced mix of creative portfolio, essay, reflective magazine and literature review. The postgraduate diploma in creative writing is an enrichment for authors at different states of their writing journey. Graduates will have new trust in their writing, an entrenched diversity of translatable abilities and a wealth of literature across a wide range of styles and script.

During the entire program, you will be informed on a regular basis about the possibilities of publication, performances and writing in order to complement your consciousness and commitment in the field of literature. Our assessment of undergraduates with a BA/BSc degree in all subjects and proof of the current university standard in this area is positive. You may be asked to send a creative letter to the Admission Board for examination.

You may be required to prove your knowledge of German if you are not a native speaker of German. 7. 0 in total, with not less than 6. 5 in writing (or equivalent). For detailed information on the demands for correspondence course participants, see the section entitled Demands on the German language: Fernstudium. All your documents can be requested and sent online via our online system.

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