Free Online Creative Writing Courses Canada

Online Free Writing Courses Canada

How to find free online courses for creative writing? The University of British Columbia has Canada's oldest and most respected MFA creative writing program. The Langara Creative Writing Program explores poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction and stage design.


Banff Centre's Literary Arts Division provides authors and editors with one-of-a-kind courses to help them improve their work. Attendees can select from a wide range of residences, workshop, retreats, work placements and specific work. University of Alberta provides a BA in Creative Writing and a combined qualification in Creative Writing.

With its long-standing writer-in-residence programme, the college also attaches great importance to public relations work. Alberta Univeristy of Alberta provides a certification in writing and writing by the Faculty of Extension. There are a large number of brief, non-credit-worthy courses available to cover a broad spectrum of writing, editorial and publication subjects. Graduates of the School of Creative Writing at the Faculty of Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary have a Bachelor's in Creative Writing, an MA and a Doctorate in English with the possibility of a creative theses.

Langara's Creative Writing Programme researches poesy, essays, fiction, nonfiction and stage design. You will be encouraged to speak through different vocals while studying a wide range of shapes and skills in a read and write world. Creative Writing courses cover a wide range of topics that include nutrition writing, blogs, novel writing, shorts and scripts.

A two-year degree in writing and publication from Okanagan College provides a sound basis in four areas: creative and literature writing, editing, communication and economics. The Writer's Studio is the writing and editing programme of Simon Fraser University: Certificate for creative writing. This one-year part-time programme provides a sustainable education in the discipline of their choosing.

University of British Columbia provides a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA in Creative Writing, with studies in nine different literature disciplines, as well as a correspondence course in Creative Writing. In order to improve their abilities, they have to work in three different categories. University of Victoria provides either a BA or Baccalaureate in Writing.

Focusing on workshop, lecture and author visit, the Department of Writing addresses all disciplines. Vancouver Island University graduates can earn a BA Major or Major in Creative Writing from the Department of Creative Writing and Journalism. Courses in all categories are offered and information about the publisher sector is available to them.

The Memorial University provides the Diploma in Creative Writing as a supplement to a course of study. They are learning to compose for different styles and concentrate on criticizing and working on their own music. University of New Brunswick has a Creative Writing Options in both the English BA Major and BA Honours programmes.

They also offer an MA in Creative Writing and encourage doctoral candidates to make a contribution to The Fiddlehead. Dalhousie University's Department of English provides all of our current and future graduates with the option to complete Creative Writing Concentration in parallel to their normal studies, leading to a Dual Mag. BA or Combined Honours BA.

The Algonquin College's one-year diploma in script writing programme provides the student with the expertise to create screenplays for theater, movie, TV, broadcast and non-froadcast videos, new medias and on-air. The George Brown College provides a Novel Writing Diploma and Story Writing Diploma Programm. Pupils have the opportunity to take lessons on site or through correspondence courses.

The Humber College's School of Creative & Performing Arts provides diploma theses in two different areas: Comics and fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry. The Humber's Centre of Excellence in Writing and Publishing provides two part-time diploma courses: by Correspondence und die Humber School for Writers Sommerwerkstatt.

Humber School of Letters provides a creative writing programme for serious authors who want to write book-length citations. The Trent University provides a certificate in creative writing for postgraduate learners. There are a series of courses and a four-month mentor programme in which the learner works in close collaboration with a peer-reviewed writer.

There is an MA in Creative Writing from the UT. Writing workshop and writing projects in their selected genres. School of Continuing Studies an der Universität de Toronto bietet ein Certificat en Creative Writing Programm an. Specializing in a particular discipline or writing styles, from creative non-fiction, dramas, poems, short films, novelism and scripts, the UWO provides both a creative writing certification for those who have not studied at college and a creative writing qualification for those who have a bachelor's. The UWO's programme is open to all levels.

The York University Creative Writing Program gives the student the freedom to choose to major, subsidiary or a wide range of other multidisciplinary programs. The English Department of Concordia University provides a Bachelor's in Creative Writing. Lessons consist of small hands-on sessions in which pupils are taught poems, literature, drama, screenwriting and writing with authors who have been publish.

The Concordia University has a three-year bachelor's in dramaturgy. The student receives the necessary writing knowledge and is taught all facets of the theater, as well as drama, management and layout. Université de Montréal holds a bachelor's in screenplay and creative writing. Writing for TV and cinema, fiction, journalism, literature, and theater.

Université du Québec à Montréal provides a creative writing certification. The student studies French-language poems, narratives and essay.

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