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Blast provides a free suite of creative tools for every skill level. Create a book online with Bookify, offline with BookWright or on the go with Blurb's mobile app. I've been thinking about publishing e-books on Amazon. You will learn how to publish yourself with free self-publication resources. Explore courses on self-publishing, publishing, writing and more.

Self Publishing Mastery | A-Z of Self Publishing

As well as the above mentioned high-definition videos sessions, you will also receive unique pricing on website topics and features such as Scrivener, ProWritingAid, BookFunnel and more. Included in many of our classes are free downloads of tutorials, instructions and cribs. You will also become a member of a personal Facebook group that is only open to me, my friends and other pros who can advise you personally.

I' ll decide to give particular consideration to each pupil in the group, and the process of studying will go on for a long time to come as we all explore and exchange new hints, moves and strategy. By attending the course you will have unlimited use of all and subsequent upgrades.

I know that my futurology will be your futurology, and for my part I am still striving to growth and improvement.

Self-publication courses free of charge

While you can produce the best books in the business, have first-class distributions and qualities, another key part of being a winning company is to take the extra amount of valuable resources to expand your publishers skills and experience, because ultimately, the bottom line is that the box of books needs your inputs.

We' now offering free on-line self-publishing classes on subjects that are most advantageous for your career as a writer or editor. No writers or editors in the whole wide globe are going to release a work for sale and are hoping not to be selling it. When you' ve done the work of writing and releasing a great looking work, the reader should know about it!

Nowhere else is there an writer or editor who knows everything about publication. There is more and more to be learned as the editorial environment is changing, as are our readership and how they are consuming your work. Conventional editors also need to adjust to the markets, but your benefit as an independent editor is that you're more diverse than you'll ever be.

If you get just one single source of information from searching for more information, this is a bit you haven't had before and you haven't applied to the possible outcome of your work. Therefore, one of our best tips is never to stop studying and looking for opportunities.

There is no need to release a work and just hoping for the best when it is within reach to be the best editor you can be. The information and best practice that is used by established publishing houses to make their titles more popular is something that you as an independent publishing house can personalise and optimise at a completely different scale than even established publishing houses.

The self-publication course deals with the areas of the publication processes that have the most impact on your publication performance and for which you and your co-authors have indicated that you would like to know more. The structure of your authoring platforms is indispensable. There is a good explanation why this is one of the major factors why writers are purchased from conventional publisher.

An authoring system makes sure that an artist has an integrated public for their work. Any good textbook needs an audiences and every great writer merits support. The course provides you with a better understand how and why you can buy and find advice on how to reach and contact your audiences.

It is important to us to emphasize how important the meta data of your books are for the on-line retrieval of your books, not only for the reader, but also for traders and libraries. The course provides useful hints on the most important meta-data of your books, such as: key words, titles, book descriptions, authors' biographies, topic code, crop sizes, ISBN, prices and release dates.

We have already had an amazing feedback on our first two self-publication classes with several hundred registered and several 5-star reviewers, and we have more to come! The next two classes will be Social Media Marketing and How to Self-Publish. Hopefully you will take the chance to spend your time in your training, whether through our free classes, podcasts, blogs, properly downloadable materials, or by joining a group of publishers or participating in a meeting.

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