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It's great that you want to know more about the book business. And, if you know how to use some free and online tools, you are one step ahead. As soon as the book is published, our authors will receive an e-version of their book. The majority of self-publishing projects focus on two media: print-on-demand and online (e-books). In addition, you will receive five free copies of the hardcover edition of the book.

Which are the best free online book publishing and editorial classes?

In addition to online certification classes and other things you can find on the web, you can always submit an application for an apprenticeship with a publisher. They can even move from one organization to another when their apprenticeship is over. You will gain an insight into the realm of publishing and gain valuable professional working experiences.

In my own business, for example, we hold one-on-one interviews with trainees from all over the globe to support them in their work. There may even be a vacancy at the end of the placement. It was the same way I began in publishing and literary business, and things have turned out quite well for me, because in these areas usually it' s more likely that they are looking for hands-on abilities than for the course they have taken.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any help.

Success in e-book publishing - 1st edition

Section 1 Write and compile your e-book: Things to do with e-books; selecting a topic; researching the web page before you begin to write; creating your e-book; creating an appealing graphical covering for your e-book; composing your letter into an e-book; e-book compiler; protecting the copyrights of your e-book. Part 2 Publishing and commercializing your e-book to billions of people:

Upload your e-book to the web; Design a website for your e-book; Sales of your e-book; Free ways to promotion and commercialization of your e-book; Use free items to promotion your e-book online; Promotion and commercialization of your e-book with a free trial copy and e-zine; Use affiliates programs and pay-per-click to resell your e-book; Use auto-responder to promotion of your e-book; Off-line ways of promotion and commercialization of your e-book; Day-to-day-book

The book contains in-depth and easily digestible information on all facets of e-book authoring, preparation and sourcing. Like one develops an idea to type about; Like one starts the collection of the e-book; Like one chooses the proper e-book building code; Like one publishes the e-book online and indirectly promotes and markets the e-book; Like one creates a website and self responder for the sale of the e-book; Like one collects payments from the website for the sale of the e-book - Like one sets up associate programs for the sale of the e-book.

IT specialists and graduates; people who are interested in publishing their own e-book. Oghjojafor Kingsley has a Master's in Mass Communications with particular skill and interest in the cyber. It is busy in the provision of trainings on the use of the web, website designing and web-hosting, ebook authoring and compilation, and cybermarketing.

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