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Everyone writes about happily ever after or guys with dominating behavior on the watt pad, but did someone write a real history? no! Pretty because it's difficult to tell our or someone's history, but I'm here to tell history that's true both and is metered and doesn't have distinct ends and I appreciate that you should start to read novice or one-of-a-kind textbooks, I appreciate that you shouldn't start to read this text because it's mine because it's because it' built on true history and you get to know that its not as accustomed as it seems that all the tales have fortunate ending, some have very strong ending or we can say strongly, but still HERaster-Arush - Arush

" LATE YOU".... tried to conceal my eyes by taking a back footstep and felt his hands clasp my arms firmly, hard enough to leave bruises on my body, pulling me towards him and making me stay one centimeter away from his face to sense his breathing.....

{\a6} (the same electric shivering on my body), looking into his eye, how can I hate her, but I have to do this for my own sakes..... all of a sudden back to the real world, now his grasp that hurts me? When he recognized it and loosened up, he held me away from my waistline again, "YOU can't hating me, you'll get it," he said with rage in his part.

"I' m gonna let you and me, I' m not yours, you can't tell me what to say or not," screams loud enough to make him even angrier. "yes, you cannot have me beat sake sake sake" his mouth close enough to touching my mouth, can sense his breathing, my eye went to his mouth and for a second I looked at his mouth, but again I look away, this once he pushed his mouth towards mine and forced me to let him in and I gave up,

I know that I am not powerful enough to take him away, but with the power that I press him, although I did not want to, but I must, then he looks at me without interrupting eyelashes and says with a grin: "I KNOW YOU ARE SILENT MINE".

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