Free novel Writing course

Complimentary novel writing course

"Writing Boot Camp de 80k" : Join a free 8-week podcast course to begin writing fiction or even complete a novel. We' ve all been reading literature, but how do you spell it? English author Tim Clare, who before he was 40 years old wrote poems, memoirs and a novel and moderated a TV show entitled How to Get a Book Deal, seems to know this very well.

That' s why the diversity of challenge he presents you in "The Couch to 80k" (80,000 words are the usual length of a novel), his free eight-week "Boot Camp" for anyone who can go live for free. Producer as part of Clare's writing tip pedcast DaTh of 1000 Cuts, the mini-series is made up of 48 chapters, each of which, he says, "teaches you new writing techniques through a 10-minute tutorial - even as you do the tutorial, so when the pedcast is done, you're done for the whole outing.

All you need is "something to hear them and a writing instrument and a notepad or computer to use. All the whole brainchild is to give you some low engagement, but intensely, wrapping in everything you would be learning on a Fiction MA and more, so that every single working you do concentrated drills that are based on your past work and quickly building your fancy muscles".

The course is fun with Clare's joinkey, conversationational sound, even if you don't really want to create a fictional story, although in the very first episode (above) there is a strong warning from even if you are not prepared to put everything you wrote on this piece of writing down on the page - and are prepared to put it directly into the wastepaper every eight-week.

While some of the stakes raised by Flare may seem stupid, they make you write, and he subjects himself to the show with expeditions into more technological issues such as the "mathematical deal of composing sentences". In a review of his novel Honours, Sarah Perry of the Guardian named Clare "a narrator who knows what his readers want and does not shrink from giving a lot of it".

This Bootcamp shows that he is also a master who knows what his pupils need. But when you complete it, "you have the wisdom and motivations to complete a novel." Among his work are The Stateless City: a Wander through 21st-Century Los Angeles and the movie serial The City in Cinema.

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