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Templates for Word -- Inside Pages: I' ve written my first two novels next to a very detailed plot, and that worked for me. There is a free book template to help you design your next book. It is an empty graphic novel template that can be used in all areas of the curriculum. Many thanks for the free template!

What do you do?

It was published on January 14, 2013 - my trial has been changing since then, but I still come back to longer volumes from there! When I tell someone that I am writing a book, the most frequent thing I get after I set the genre/publication date, etc. is to ask them what they want to know: What do you do?

Recently I have read a bunch of writer testimonies with authors who do not delineate, and it seriously taps my bad ones away because I am one of those super-psycho planner who has about a billion shapes/templates/notebooks before I type a digit information. Often I adapt the table for each of the books and add subplot and romance column as needed.

It is also particularly useful when working on serials because you can keep an overview of the "seeds" you have been planting for upcoming titles in the serial. You will also find a columne for the external and internal travel of the protagonists. Making sure each sequence in my script has a function for the evolution of the storyline (outer journey) and characterisation (inner journey) has really altered the way I type and makes sure that each sequence achieves something new and drives the storyline forward.

If you want to know the directions of your next sequence (or all of your next scenes), check out my template!

New book template - free download

If you are new to InDesign, a free template will help you. Every new template works with InDesign CS4 and later. Simply click on a new type of template to immediately start downloading it. All our textbooks are beautifully printed, well-binded and inexpensive. Saving up to 70 per cent on letterpress in China and Asia.

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