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Mantle, a new framework for decentralized Online Social Networks (OSN). Innovative writing software that works. A new writing program developed by writers for writers. And it takes creative writing software to new. Initially, traditional software was sold under an indefinite license.

id= "Authors_Planning_and_Writing_Applications">Authors Plan and Write Applications

There' re many ways to compose your novel." Wrimo are discussing their preferred scripts in the NaNo Technology Forums. is a complete design, research and authoring tool tailored to your spelling. Contains all types of scheduling tools: sequencing, storylines, sketches, mind maps, files and much more.

The Storyline Creator (Windows/Mac, 20$ with free demo) is a utility with functions for visualizing, sketching, organising sequences and research, motivating and text. Windows 10, free with additional functions for a fee.) A chapter-based text editor with simple e-publishing for lighting and publication. Windows/Mac, 5-7USD/month comes with a free evaluation version) is a goal-oriented write engine with scheduling capabilities, which includes tracking appointments, mile stones, assignments; side-by-side typing with outlines/notes; timing estimators; timers; wordpunch counters; unique new type of write instructions and a special template/project around NaNoWriMo.

There are a number of plug-ins that are useful for taking notes/outlines, which include exporting to HTML and the automated directory (available here). Worldcradle ( "Free on line novel review software") provides a neat review tool and a neat review tool and novel such as the skill to organise and build your fiction characters profile, storylines, brainstorming maps, review written terms and moving sections.

Clmly Writer (Windows/Mac/Linux/ChromeOS, free, $2.99 for desk top version): The Calmly Writer is a full-featured text editing application that focuses on what you want to tell, with a straightforward, discreet, trouble-free experience. Darkness Room is a full-screen write engine for Windows. The FocusWriter is a full-screen obturator that lets you dive into your work.

Additional extras are real-time stats, day targets and customisable topics. Menuscriptor is a lightweight textual textual textual text editing and speech-analyzer. Momentum Writer is a full-screen typing machine from the manufacturer of Liquid Story Binder XE. OpenWriter (Windows/Mac, free, $4.11 for full version): Omm Writer is a full-screen publisher with keyboards and backgroundmusic.

This is a full-screen sound generator that makes typewritten noise. With customisable look and page number formulas, a Word war timers and a number of targets. This is a full-screen publisher called cenware. Contains enhanced statistical and adjustment functions, typo noise and a timers. and WriteRoom (Mac, free, $24.99 for full version): The WriteRoom is a full-screen Mac text and word downloader.

This provides full synchronization between machines and has produced several copies. A few wrimo's favour the standard text tool that comes with Windows, as it does not contain ruffles and is universally compatible. Notepad++ can also be used for typing, and contains tabbed pages, number of words, spell checker and other additional functionality.

Initially a text editing application for Gnome, but works elsewhere. Support text counting (although it seems to reach a different number than OpenOffice/NaNo counters), spelling checker and other plug-ins. This is a text editing application for KDE, but also works elsewhere. Modified versions of the *nix-Editors vi. 1] (free, online): oggle is a free minimapping utility with color-coordinated forks.

3] (free, online): novelice ("paid plan"): Novel writeing- and editing tools for literature are available on line. Authors can keep their notebooks available without exiting the write screens, use a drag-and-drop feature to rearrange sections, and easily select and save different file types at the touch of a finger. The Storyline Creator (paid map with free demo) is a utility with functions for visualizing, sketching, organising sequences and research, motivating and text.

Complimentary, downloaded for $10/$20: Completed by nanoanthusiast Dr. Wicked, "Write or Der is a web app that promotes typing by penalizing the trend to prevent typing. There are additional functions in the downloaded edition, such as a full-screen view and the possibility to go to battle with your friends on-line.

Whilst the old release is still available for $10, Dr. Wicked has published a Write or The 2 that includes functions and corrects errors. You can use kittens to specify a target for counting words, and each hit will display a new image of a kitty. Uncharged (free, chargeable versions from $4.99 per month):

Inplag is an on-line plagiarist who checks the quality of your document against all those available on the web. There is also a free release where you can test up to 500 words for possible similarity. Write-Only Google Docs is often used by wimos who want to back up their stories or have a safe copy from a number of different sites.

This has most of the features of a text editor and can also be configured as personal or not. -Yarny ( "free with payed plan"): The Yarny is an on-line write interface developed to organise Wrimos. Tru Novelist(free): Tru Novelist is like a light Scrivener, but it' s on. Allows you to organise your chapter, scene and character into a single directory and gives you stats about your typing and your work.

A free of charge drawing with a prepaid plan: PENCIIL is a state-of-the-art on-line pen application for novels. Allows you to keep an overview of your chapter, character and location and will help you to organise and enhance your work.

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