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Complimentary ms Publisher Reader

Complimentary Microsoft Word document viewer. Appealing PDF reader and editor. Do you offer a free viewer for Microsoft Publisher?

No Publisher file viewers are available from Microsoft, and so far no third parties have jumped into the gap. How come I can't display.pubs? It is one of the great puzzles of the game - why doesn't Microsoft offer a free reader for Microsoft Publisher (.pub) data? Of course, the end is that anyone who wants to see a Microsoft Publisher file must do so on a computer with the software on it, or see a hard copy of the file!

There are a number of sensible options that you can use to allow your audiences to see the content of a Publisher document without having a copy of Microsoft Publisher. Sadly, there is almost no way the receiver of a Microsoft Publisher document can open it without the program to look at or use it.

Some things the originator of the data can do to make the receiver see the documen. First, the originator can prevent storing as. It is the standard Microsoft Publisher feature, but of course it will prevent someone who does not use Publisher from opening the stored work.

Using the Saving as..... and selecting an alternate item from the "Save as" drop-down menu, the originator can choose a favorite saving one. Alternate datatypes to store a file: The 4 choices keep (or display exactly) the initial format of your Publisher documents.

Like I said, if you are the receiver of a Publisher documents and do not own the app, there is almost no way that a Publisher files can be displayed or translated without opening them. You can use the data converter at to turn your Publisher documents into Microsoft Word (.doc), JPG images or even PDF documents.

Just load the documents, select your favorite files and specify your e-mail for your translated files - in a few moments you can fetch a translated version that is very similar to the real publisher one!

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