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Best free interactive whiteboard resources. Discover stories and more at ImaginOn! How can I find free interactive story resources? Free interactive history download . Pupils read or hear stories and identify words that correctly complete sentences.

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The Sid the Science Kid's robotic toys, Flip, go under! If Flip is in the garbage, what happens to him? Accompany Sid to find out what happens to the garbage and how it can be reused. Accompany her as she claims to be her favourite star driver, Sally Ride, on her first spacecraft missions!

Oona's sibling Neenee turns nine, and Oona plans her ninety-ninth surprising event. Browse and gamble to help her start this great celebration! It'?s Robot's first graduation and he' s uptight.


The competition has one aim and only one aim: to create a TOP 10 calibre history for the site. Grow up, get tough or shrink in the cemetery at Infinite Story. Most of the competition's main topic and style is open, but the history must be EPIC. No fan fiction or parodies are allowed.

Remember greatness, valor and because here at CYS we are an integrative nation, scourgic. Please be aware that this is not a competition for everyone. This competition is subject to stringent length, qualitiy and updating standards. However, because of the high level of commitment and the required level of excellence - this will no doubt be the king's competition of braggadocio.

Winners are awarded the final boast of the CYS competitions. Ability to present several stories according to grade and categories. And the 100-point feature storyline bonuses, in on top of the price, for those who like points. 50 points for filling in all upgrades, making good judgment and submission of a qualified submission.

In order to be a qualified contribution, the history must be made public within the time limit. You will receive your starting money back in additon to the point reward. We are looking for powerful characterisation, sound images, sophisticated and thrilling plotting, high-quality fiction and sophisticated terminology in the end work. All stories that do not fulfill the site's minimal requirements are not eligible and are submitted to SHAME.

You can offer your service here if you would like to apply voluntarily as a betaserver. Everyone who uses a betascanner should include a thank-you letter in the story game descriptions. It is not important for us to have a large number of participants, because we only want those who are involved in a high-quality work.

However, we need 5 records to give a bonus to each of the first three points. In the end, this competition seems to have been a failure, since none of the contributions was particularly high. Because of whatever cause, most of the posts were accompanied by the notion of following a human being about their lives, with their deaths being the depressing part.

This could work, but none of them really has any cause for sadness about the way they die before they could fulfil their ordeal. Dieing was only the logical end of this kind of history, so in most cases there was no need to be offended.

They made a lot of efforts, but they also had unpleasant pranks and spend far too much to tell us how the protagonists were instead of showing us what led to a less compelling one. But I don't think we can warrant giving more if we publish the stories we've only made by a five.

I hope that the next competition can be built on the failure of this competition.

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