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This makes this writing software unique. After all, free is always better. Get a completely free, fully functional seven-day trial version of Novel Factory. Writing a novel or some kind of fiction would be a fabulous program. Clear ebooks are a great resource that costs very little and they are all over the place.

NEW FREE writing software - and how to use it!

It is a feature by Carey Green, blogsinger, podcast artist and writer of his first novel, Dragon Slayer: I' ve had some people ask me about the "technical" things that go into my script. First and foremost, they want to know if I use MS Word, a funky Apple application or something else when I use them.

It' just not meant for the kind of drag-and-drop processing a novelist needs. Cutting and pasting is not good for sections, scenarios, etc. because it becomes more and more hard to find the right place for your "cut out" text the longer the script becomes. It is also almost not possible to keep an overview of all these slices and pasties in such a way that the skull does not implode.

So, I went looking for special authoring tools. I have had quite good experience with free or open code in the past and I was sure there had to be something for novelists. That' s when I found yWriter - a FREE new authoring tool developed for novelists.

It' from http://www.spacejock. com, and a fellow called Simon Haynes, who earns the Noble Price in literary writing for this marvelous post (Yes, I like to overdo it, but I like this software). yWriter is all I was looking for and more. By dragging and dropping a scene into new chapter, chapter, or location within the stream of books, you can even follow the characters and interaction behind the scene so that the above-mentioned brain explosion or something distant similar does NOT happen.

They can also perform full-text search, make changes, and perform much-needed find/replace operations. You can also keep an eye on the number of words, define and control your spelling targets, and use the built-in glossary and lexicon capabilities to refine your skills on the go.

Or you can mark your own sequences as "outline", "draft", "1st edit", "2nd edit" or "done" to follow your progres. They can even trace objects and places you have incorporated into your novel. yWriter can be found here and can be downloaded free of charge. I plan a Google Hangout to make a demo of yWriter and reply to your question when it comes up.

Have fun typing your novel in a new, more intuitively way! She is both a literary and non-fiction writer. "You can contact Carey at or at Google Plus. To see how Carey yWriter uses it, please view this movie here.

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