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When this view is a little busy for you, Plume offers an undisturbed mode that is frankly very beautiful. Complimentary book writing software is hard to come by, so if you plan to write a masterpiece, here's your chance. Free, innovative writing software that helps you write a book. In contrast to After the Deadline, AutoCrit was developed especially for Fiction Writers. The Scrivener Start File - software for writing non-fiction books.


I am Randy Ingermanson, known worldwide as "The Snowsflake Guy" in honour of my "Snowflake Method" for creating and analysing books. Every one of them was hard to tell. This way I could devote more of my free writing hours to creativity and less of my free thought to whether everything would work in a coherent style.

Many years ago I combined my concepts in an organisation that I call the "snowflake method". Snowflake is used by writers all over the word. When you want to know what folks say about the snowflake methodology, Google "Snowflake-Methode. Most importantly, millions of users around the globe use the snowflake methodology, which includes a number of publishers.

is the snowflake technique lets you work. Let's not kid ourselves that it's simple to write fiction. In that case, everyone would write a great fiction. It'?s difficult to write a novel. Snowflake can help you organise your own design but it also lets you work. Snowflake consists of ten stages that contain a high-concept narrative notion, a three-act structure, a detail analysis of characters, a summary, a scenelist and more.

Well, the good thing is that I wrote software that makes it easy and entertaining to work through the first nine stages of the snowflake methodology (everything except the 10th stage, writing the initial design - you can already do that in any text editor). I have more than twenty-five years of software writing expertise.

So, I created a programme, Snowflake Pro, to make the snowflake working process a pleasure - at least for me. I' ve added four samples of snowflake analysis of some of the most famous films and titles. I would like to thank my daugher Carolyn, who has a diploma in English literature and helped me to create these four sample snow flakes.

They are all part of Snowflake Pro: Snowflake prompts you to create a single block abstract and then extend it into a three-act structure. Some of the snowflake moves challenge you to identify your character and then get to know them - really well. That'?s what you get in your novel.

With Snowflake Pro, you can easily make and modify your scene list. Make a suggestion - at the push of a button! Much of the parts of a proposed work are actually snowflake stages. So, I added a little bit of Snowflake Pro bonuses. That' not part of the snowflake technique; it's just a little treat I added as an additional benefit because I had all the information I needed:

Snowflake Pro writes the skeletal of a suggested novel at the touch of a finger. When you do all the first six snowflake moves, they will all go directly to the right places in your suggestion. Snowflake Pro will keep empty fields in your suggestion, with instructions on how to fill them in.

And Snowflake Pro writes in blank spaces for things like your research and your sales plans that are NOT part of the Snowflake methodology - along with some well-versed ideas on how to fill out these essentials. You know, if you've ever tried to make a suggestion, the hard part is just beginning.

It is my pleasure to make suggestions. A former editor of mine is teaching at a conference all the while" how to make a suggestion" using an old suggestion I bought him years ago. Snowflake Pro can be used to launch your suggestion. Then use all the practical hints that Snowflake Pro incorporates into the design to help you achieve a high shine when polish.

If you buy Snowflake Pro, you buy a licence to run it on up to five of your own equipment. Snowflake Pro can be installed and run on all your computer if you have a notebook and a computer and have other computer that your partner and your children use.

I ask you, in return, not to pirates Snowflake Pro. Is Snowflake Pro going to run on your computer? I' ve written Snowflake Pro in a Java program that will run on any notebook or desk top computer with Mac, Windows or Linux. Snowflake Pro should be easy to use, easy to use and easy to download if your computer has been new in the last six years.

Of course, if we can't run Snowflake Pro on at least one of your computer, I'll give you your wallet back. When not preinstalled on your computer, you can get Java for FREE on the offical Java website here. These are the test kits my test crew was testing Snowflake Pro on:

The Snowflake Pro does not run on an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or Android dev. Lifetime free up-grades. If you buy Snowflake Pro, you buy all your next updates I'll ever make. When I update Snowflake Pro, my system sends you an email. When I fix a problem, when I insert a new example for Snowflake, when I insert a new function to make Snowflake Pro even more efficient or simpler, you get the upgrad.

Free. I am a writer and I am planning to use Snowflake Pro for every novel I am writing from now on. I' m a egotistical person and I want my software to run perfect. I have a whole bunch more on Snowflake Pro than on the lousy, bulky text editor I purchased from You-Know-Who.

Therefore Snowflake Pro is ONLY available as electronical downlaod. Snowflake Pro is available for free via the web. When I make a new update, my system sends you an email asking you to install the latest one. This kind of upgrading politics would simply not be cost-effective if I would distribute Snowflake Pro on cd.

These are some of the most important things you get in Snowflake Pro: A simple formula for working through the most important snowflake-step: the Snowflake method: They are ideal for direct insertion into a suggestion, because the editorial staff loves character-oriented fiction. Here you can store all the annoying detail you need to create three-dimensional personalities.

Sound help on each level of the snowflake. Help text on each level of the snowflake. This is a pushbutton to build the framework of your suggestion. When you click this icon, Snowflake Pro writes an RTF document containing the kernel of a suggestion. Don't be paralysed by doubts about how to put a motion down.

Snowflake contains what I consider fiction writing. I' ve been looking at various software utilities for novel writers in Writer's Digest. It was clear that the basic utilities are free or very cheap. Snowflake Pro is not too costly because I want to offer you good value for your investment.

I' d like you to appreciate Snowflake Pro so much that you can use it. On the basis of these considerations, I set the Snowflake Pro prize at $100. This is a reasonable prize that will pay back the efforts I have put into teaching, writing fiction and building Snowflake Pro.

And I think it's a prize that encourages you to use it to the full. $100 isn't spending money. The Snowflake Pro is available for immediate use. Normally it should be downloaded to a residential gateway or high-speed broadband in less than 30 seconds. If you purchase Snowflake Pro once my system has verified your payment or PayPal information, you will be taken directly to the page to be downloaded.

In a few moments my system will email you a hyperlink to this page. Store this email and you will receive a constant reminder where you can retrieve it if you ever need it again. Snowflake Pro is available for CD and NOT for CD only.

If you have a bug when you download or install Snowflake Pro, please keep in mind that the issue is usually a Java-related one. It is free and can be downloaded from the offical Java website. Would you like a rebate on Snowflake Pro? When you buy my snowflake method how to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method (or if you already own it), I will give you an immediate 50% off Snowflake Pro.

Also, I wouldn't care to increase the sales of my best-selling Snowflake Pro. In order to get your 50% off Snowflake Pro, please proceed as follows: Purchase How to Word a Novel Using the Snowflake Method at any bookshop in the word or on line. These are some on-line places you can buy how to compose a novel using the snowflake method:

In order to receive Snowflake Pro for $100, click on the shopping cart button: I would like to thank my Alpha-Tester staff who have assisted me in testing the download, install and run of Snowflake Pro on a multitude of computer platforms.

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