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Free-of-charge fiction writing courses

Courses shown here focus on various types of creative writing, including poetry, essay and fiction. One is free, another is not. Explore free, high-quality fiction courses taught by the best authors in the world. The class about "How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck" is added to every order for free. Please click HERE to get your free copy of the Writing Course Guide!

Begin writing fiction: An online course starts on September 25th.

Laund Writing Fiction is a free on-line course of the Open University. Throughout the eight weeks, the programme will focus on one key skills for writing all your tales and fiction - character creation. Attendees will be hearing from some of the most accomplished writers, among them Michele Roberts, Alex Garland and Louis de Bernieres, as they discuss how they began writing.

It also explores the ritual of writing and the importance of maintaining a diary. This course is taught by Derek Neale, an award-winning novelist and MA alumnus in Arts Writing at the University of East Anglia. He is also co-author of Writing Fiction. Beginning Writing Fiction is for those who are interested in beginning writing fiction or improve their fiction and does not need any prior knowledge.

Lessons begin on Monday, September 25th.

Writing is better with this free writing course from the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop

Browse similar correspondence courses written by the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa. However much we authors would like it, the writing lessons are not always available. Except you're speaking about the massively open on-line course (MOOC for short) that the Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa is currently providing.

Free of charge. Anyone who has enough to put their lives on ice or move a few states to follow an MSF, no matter how marvelous it would be to just spend two beautiful years writing. The 8-week course on How Originals Writing Fiction is for screenwriters. Everybody free. From beginners to experienced contributors, many of our bustling staff will appreciate the basics of fiction, brief videos of popular contributors, the opportunity to train your writing skills and get feedbacks, forums with teachers and all the great contributors you'll find on the road.

When you know something about the University of Iowa's famous writing workshops, you know that most people think it is the best of all. This free programme gives every author the opportunity to contribute a little of this knowledge to his own writing work. I do this grade to reload between writing jobs now that my big writing job is done and I find out what to do next.

One of the most popular books is Electric Literature's Recommended Reading, where you can find free reading histories. How are you improving your writing abilities this months?

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