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It Do Yourself for Free. Includes everything you need to know about creating your eBook. You don't have the money to publish a professional eBook? The Empire publishing plan is just for you. All of them are free hosting.

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Allows Empire Publishing to verify the size of your MS Word document and reformat it to comply with ePub-authentication. Either you can supply us with the Jpeg or our construction division can create a base case for you (included in delivery). Featured #1 can enhance the front with an additional budget front panel for a more individual look that reflects the look of the cabin.

As soon as we're done, we'll release your eBook on Amazon for the Kindle readers and Barnes & Nobel for the Nook. You are a featured writer at this time. You know, nothing's really free. Amazons commissions will be deducted directly from your sale.

This is the case with every letterpress, printing or digitally printed product that Amazon sells. Amazon, however, is the biggest books seller and the place where most books shoppers buy. We will publish your work on Empire Publishing and keep 40% (special number 1) and 60% (special number 2) of the license fees.

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We' re making publishing eBooks quick, free and hassle-free! Download your copy once and get in touch with several dealers and galleries. Producing and distributing audio books in collaboration with Findaway Voices. Register for your free bankroll. Then click Publish and simply click the quickest way to load up your album and album artwork.

Smart Authors podcasts take authors from the fundamentals of e-book publishing to more in-depth subjects little by little. Think of it as a free master class in e-book publishing. New to eBook publishing or already a New York Times bestseller, the Smart Authors' podcast gives you the tutorial you need to get more people.

Central meta-information management - Meta-information is information about your books such as prices, categorisation and text. Find out more about Find out more about Pre-order from Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo - List your books up to 12 month before publication. Audio Books Authoring and Sales - With a click you can send your eBook and your meta information to Findaway Voices, where you can audition to professionals.

Find out more about Price Manager - centrally manage your prices and define user-defined prices for government library services. Find out more about Do it today and get your testimonial published! We' re giving you the opportunity to get more audiences with our powerful publishing and distributing tool. However, the most thrilling campaign is our retailer distributor net, where our writers and editors generate over 90% of their conversion.

Check out Frahlingen's Indie Ebook Roadmap presentations to see how Frahlingen can support their customers' e-book publishing endeavors. For more information on how the Los Gatos Public Library has developed a co-branded publishing site for its writers at Huffington Post: Magnificent resources to help you publicize like a pro: 1.

Contains a NEW ebook term vocabulary. What's new at ebook publishing? You can also watch our YouTube online training guide, An introductory guide to ebook publishing. These primers demystify the publication of eBooks. Alternatively, you may want to look out for our comprehensive set of ebook publishing tunes. Once you've seen these movies, you have the expertise you need to release like a professional.

Find out how to reformat your text to make your reader happy. It will teach you how to think and act like a pro-editor. Please refer to our Conditions of Use ("our author-friendly publishing contract").

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