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Are you looking for creative workshops in London? Start by meeting one of our tutors for free in our online classroom. Thought I could try some kind of creative writing class to find out more. When you are in London, I recommend the courses at city lit. Contribute to A.

Curtis Brown Creative's creative writing courses in London and online.

Plasticizing (Creative Writing) (London, United Kingdom)

Creative Writing is not just a work-shop. In contrast to freestanding scripts, it is a welcoming place for authors to unite and keep in touch: it is a free periodic societal experience, a 5 week course, a novel writing forum, a writing platforms, a writers' retreat, poetic days, etc...

You will learn about storytelling perspectives, dialog, sound and storyboard. New Machine is a literary; you write sci-fi, action fic, romantic, thriller, adults and/or kid. They receive 1:1 feed-back from a highly motivated instructor and a group of highly motivated colleagues. It' an occasion to be in a coffee shop and use the Piomodoro technique: a texture and disciplin to do the writing.

TOETRY OF THE CITY (a 4-hour poem meeting for writing, lecturing and writing poems in the city. The main topics are "Character Development and Action" (week 1), "Perspective and Sound" (week 2), "Dialog + Feedback" (week 3), "The Question + Feedback" (week 4) and "Where to + Feedbacks + the possibility to publish" (week 5).

During this course (POD-101) you will concentrate on "Stasis + Trigger / Inciting Incident / Chapters 1 & 2" (week 1), "Dialog / The Quest + Obstacles to Overcome / Chapters 3 & 4" (week 2), "Midpoint/ Directiveing/ Surprises/ Chapters 5 & 6" (week 3), "Feedback on your work so far / Climax / Chapters 7 & 8" (week 4), Reversal / Reversal / Denouement / Chapters 9 & 10 (week 5).

This 5 weeks course teaches you how to design, draw and organize a novel. As soon as you know how to build a good, credible characters, you can start writing a novel by story and texture (or the other way around). Assumptions (week 1), then (if you have selected your premises and ticked off your reader) "How to create conflicts" (week 2), "The keys to a satisfactory climax" (week 3), "How to work out the sections of your sketch" (week 4), and "Putting everything together / Get your sketch feedback" (week 5).

TAG DER POESIE: It is a 4-hour course that introduces you to the fundamental aspects of writing a poem such as line feeds, verses, rhythm, rhymes and free verses. It is a 4-hour workshop to show you some of the best verses in town, among them verses by Frank O'Hara, Sharon Olds, Ted Hughes and Erika Meitner.

ETHIK: The New Machine is proud to provide a writing and criticism language that supports it. While the aim is to create concise, discerning feedbacks, the focus here is on pleasant, constructive discussion. In many cases, writing professionals ask their participants/clients to present or lecture their work.

New Machine is deferential to the calm, less vocals author: he/she who wants the discerning feed-back of his/her colleagues without having to face the dangers of large, daunting classrooms or pitches to an audiences. Previously, he graduated from the University of Kent with a Bachelor of Arts degree in British and American Literature & Creative Writing.

But he has also written such diverse works as Shakespeare, 20th century English, German, French as well as nineteenth century American and post-colonial music. Other creative writing courses usually have 12-15 participants and can be more intimidating/less focussed.

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