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Download FocusWriter, free and secure. This helps you to keep track of your work and leaves your mind free to shape it. We are ignored by Scrivener who says: "It's your computer." Then I could connect it to my computer and download my letter to a text file. The Scrivener is one of the most popular writing programs for the PC.

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But in my biweekly newsletters I publish a writing application of the month as well as a lot of other essays and inspirations for authors. It' totally free. You know that I also work on the relatively new and very well done web pages for authors[note: page no longer active]. It' what I have called an standalone repository of on-line writing resources and it is packed with useful, well, web sites for authors.

Authors have reached the site and have made it their business to suggest pages to other authors using the built-in entry forms. But what I didn't really think of when I created the site was how great it would be for me to be learning about all these new writing assets.

In the last two month, a number of contributions have been submitted to authoring websites under the "Tools" group. The most interesting ones for me are the various computer programmes that are supposed to make the authors' life easy, from tailor-made text processing programmes to story boarding software for screenwriters. I think this kind of software is a rather unused resource for authors.

As I do, your techno-pencil case probably mainly is Microsoft Word, or if you are with the open code team, something like OpenOffice. Please see the following program lists taken from author submission pages. So far I've only used two of them, Final Draft and Storymill, and some of them are free, others you have to buy.

Finale Draft is the best-selling solution specifically developed for writing film screenplays, TV episodes and stage plays. Combining high-performance text editing with advanced text file layout in a self-contained, easy-to-use tool. No need to familiarize yourself with how to format your screen capture files - Final Draft pages and styles your screen capture files according to industrial standard.

This is the latest version in Mariner Software's long line of writing and creation software. HistoryMill will introduce prospective scriptwriters to multi-level writing techniques for tracing character, scene and location, while professionals will appreciate StoryMill's time-saving capability to monitor and control the entire creation lifecycle with Smart Views. Belletristicians can use StoryMill's functions such as text count, cliché measurement and progression indicator to help them achieve their everyday writing goals.

The Celtx is the world's first all-in-one preproduction software. The Scrivener is a text processing and text file manager designed specifically for authors of long text such as fiction and research. yWriter is] a text editor that divides your novel into sections and scenarios. This helps you to keep an overview of your work and leaves your head free to shape it.

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