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Lots of books you missed, lots of books you want to read! Thousands of websites to download free books online. Download free books for Kindle, Nook, iPad and Android. You can download e-books in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DOC and TXT formats. This is Free Books - the door to unlimited reading or listening.

My Books - Unlimited library on the App Store

Lots of books you miss, lots of books you want to have! FREE! The Free Books application now becomes My Books! The best thing is that we have DOUBLE the number of books available! Get one of our 51,305 e-books, which include the world's most popular classic books, and use our full-featured eReader with built-in vocabulary.

These are My books, many books you know, many books you have been missing, many books you want to have! Simply browse your books and browse at any time, anywhere. My Books App opens up a universe of publisher specific contents, enabling you to purchase the great books of all time. It' all here, along with ten thousand other books.

But we could go on - nice, high definition cover art, writer pages, night mode readings, stats readings - but that would only distract from the topic. 51,305 of the greatest books in mankind's entirety. Free. By contrast, one session of this application will take 50-60% of my time for some reasons - with mobile phone information turned off, wireless connectivity and wireless and closed backgrounds applications.

That' s disastrous because I like to read, and back when this application was still a freebook, it didn't seem to use up as much of my time. Sixty percent of charge in an hours time?! - at the end of a section, the auto resume will skip a section and I didn't notice that before and skipped large dots.

Top 20 sites to download free books

Have you ever thought of building a libary with a thousand free books? Complimentary books on almost any topic you can imagine are available anywhere on the Internet and can be viewed, accessed and divided. These are the top 20 Sites where you can find and down load a large varieties of all of the free books on-line, everything from novel to computer tech handbooks.

It is an on-line reading resource where you can find hundreds of free books to study. These books are either classic or copyrighted and cover everything from non-fiction and essay to literary, theatre and poems. Registering for free at Les Print gives you the opportunity to follow what you have and want to know, review books you have already seen, list books in your favourites and join on-line books associations or mailing list to debate great works of music.

Notice: You can enter the books on Les Print without logging in, but you do not have any of the other functions listed above. You can find what you are looking for in several ways atreadprint: by clicking here you can find out what you are looking for: This is a key word lookup for books, writers or quotations. Check out the best books you can find on-line, as described in the PrintCity.

View the top 250 most popular writers on Read Print. If you are looking for books by William Shakespeare, for example, a basic research will find all his works in one place. When you find a textbook that interests you, click Read Online and the textbook opens in your webdbrowser.

Read mode looks like an open page, but all the free books on the Read Print page are grouped by chapters, so every case you open a new section, you have to go back and open it. When you find a free eBook that you really like and want to get on your portable e-reader, Read Print provides Amazon where you can get the eBook.

But if you download books from Amazon, you may have to purchase the books unless you are a member of Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Easily searchable, it provides a wide range of ways to find the free books to use. A free of charge bankroll gives you free entry to your own private page to administer your bookshelf and communicate with the ready print world.

The Read Print service provides a complete offer data base selected both by writers on the site and those who are not and whose search is as simple as the search on the site. Only books you will find on this page are classic books and books with Adobe Comms. There''s no way to get free books directly from this page.

When you find a work you want to study, you must use the reader interface provided on the website. MuchBooks is one of the best Internet resource for free books in a wide range of file transfer media. Here there are literally a hundred books in all kinds of genre, and they're all free.

The best feature of this website is that not all books are classical or imaginative. At the moment of this letter, ManyBooks is in the process of transitions. Books can also be searched for by genre, favorite selection, writer and editors. Plus, ManyBooks has collectibles of books that offer an interesting way to research subjects in an organised manner, or you can use the ManyBooks page to make chronological histories.

As well as these fundamental searching features, you can also use ManyBooks Advanced Query to find exactly what you are looking for. There are also the ManyBooks RSS Feed, which you can keep up to date with a wide range of new content: You can download all free books from ManyBooks - some directly from the ManyBooks website, others from other sites (e.g. Amazon).

By registering for the site, you will be asked to specify your preferred size for books, but you are not restricted to the size you would like. If you find a work you want to view, you can pick the desired size from a drop-down list of a dozen different document types.

On the ManyBooks website you will find more than just the default range of classical and inventive Commons books. The books are divided into a large number of different sections, making it easy for the reader to find what he or she likes to have. The books here are all completely free, which is good for those of us who have had to pay ridiculous high rates for inferior audio books. offers a beautiful range of free books in HTML and XHTML, which means they are easy to read. The majority of the books have been published in English, but there are also some articles in it. The books are sorted in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Autorama has a good choice of free books from various writers, both contemporary and periodical. Autorama has a good range of high-quality, free books that you can view or download directly from your web browsers. They are books which are free and may be redistributed, i.e. there is nothing to be worried about if you look at something Illegally.

Where can I find free books to view? When you find something you are interested in, click on the name of the volume and you will be taken to the corresponding page of this one. The simplest way to view a chapter in your web navigator or printout pages for later. Projekt Gutenberg is one of the biggest resources for free books on the Internet, with over 30,000 free books available for download in a large range of different file-format.

The Gutenberg project is the oldest (and probably the largest) online bookstore, with virtually a hundred thousand free books to be downloaded. Most of the books published by Project Gutenberg are in English, but there are also other langua-ge. There is also a world-class libary of free books full of classic books, rare books and text books.

The topics cover everything from computing to languages to science; everything that Wikibooks has to provide can be found in Books by Subject. Here you will find over one million free books, all as PDF, ePub, Daisy, DjVu and ASCII text. Slideshare is another site that is not exclusively for free books, offering a large amount of free contents that you can view.

It' an on-line forums where anyone can post a personalized, digitally generated demonstration on any topic. Free EBooks provides a wonderful range of free books, from advertising to health to web design. Pre-registered membership (yes, you need to be registered to be able to download something, but it only lasts a minute) is free and allows members to view an infinite number of eBooks in HTML, but only five books per months in PDF and TXTs.

From a technical point of view, the World Public Library is NOT free. But, for $8. 95 a year, you can get entry to literary books in over a hundred different tongues. Scribd is not free, however. There is a 30 day free essay on it, but after the essay you must be paying $8. 99 per months to retain a subscription that will grant you full availability to the overall data base of books, audio books and journals sites.

As well as the above pages, there are the following free book resources: WorldwideBookFair: For a short period of the year, you have over one million freebooks. World Library: More than 330,000+ unedited PDF books by the originals. Free-TechBooks: Just like the name of the site, you can get free books on the topic of CyberTech. in alphabetical order; there is a TON. The Bartleby eBooks: a vast selection of classical books, all available for free downloading.

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