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Complimentary templates and tutorials for formatting your book in Word or Indesign. It even has a free eBook conversion tool and a recommended list of fonts by genre! Complimentary Microsoft Word templates include easily customizable layouts with photos and graphics. View the video tutorials to learn how to create a book template in Word and other software. Anyone can start writing their own booklet template.

Free-of-charge Word Templates | 2500+ Sample Layouts & Downloads

Free-of-charge presentations. Get our free example samples and test how our workflows work. Easily customisable photo and graphics in our professional-looking design themes. Graphical drafts in broschures, leaflets and more. Fully customisable, user-friendly page layout and graphics file. Contains free high-quality photographs, originals, backgrounds and logodesigns.

Free-of-charge designcatalog! This is the ultimative source for your designs and inspirations.

Complimentary Book Template | Microsoft Word Book Templates

You have to design your books before printing them. You' ll need a template for the inside pages of the album and a template for the outside covers of your album. In the following you will find our free Microsoft Word booksheets. You' ll also want to see our free covers.

They are designed for Microsoft Word and have already the right page sizes and page borders for you. Get the right page sizing template you want to use: After typing your script, you can view our online instruction videos below to see how to adjust the page sizes and borders for your own template.

Or you can use this guide to make a user-defined template album. Guide you through the process of adjusting the edges of the page templates and the right page sizes for your book: Please obey these steps to setup a template: In the page layout, choose "Margins".

" Choose "Custom Margins". "Choose "Mirror margins" under Multiple pages. Customize the width and width to the type of sheet in which your eBook is going to be published. To trim the inside pages (with the original extending to the edges of the paper) and use Microsoft Word or another word processor, you must enter a value of 125 inches on each page of the page to hold the surplus sheet that is cut off.

To have a 5. 5" x 8. 5" final bleed area, you must include. 125" on all four sides of your paper, resulting in a page dimension of 5. 75" x 8. 75". We' re cutting it off. 125 " on each side to give you a final bleed of 5.

If you want a professionally designed indoor design, we suggest that you keep all items that you do not want to cut off at least one . 5" from the top, outside, bottom and . 8" from the cover of the album. Also, when you set up your customized page sizes in Microsoft Word, be sure to choose the Mirror margins option.

When using Microsoft Word or any other word processor, it can be very hard to adjust trim levels and arrange everything evenly throughout the inside of the album. We have a free 30-day evaluation version and we also have free software on a month-to-month basis. To use a page designer such as Adobe InDesign and want certain pages to be cropped, you must insert the cropping and cropping markers when exporting your PDFs.

InDesign provides a comprehensive help section for setting up your documents with bleed allowances. When embedding typefaces, all text information is collected by your computer and saved in the PDF format. Unless the typefaces are embeded in your PDFs, the types can be reflowed and warped.

Is it possible to submit cover and text in the same document? When the cover art work is part of the text document, it will confuse the edges of the text after the cover isextract. Read our cover template for book cover setup information.

Text PDFs must be the same file sizes as the ordered bleed sizes. When PDF books are delivered as 8.5 x 11, but you want a 5.5 x 8.5 bleed file format, the file sizes must be shrunk, which will reduce the font sizes and all items in the PDFs.

It is not advisable to reduce the filesize because it makes the filesize small and difficult to use. It is advisable that your page numbers, banners or footer lines are not on the cover of the text. One simple way to prevent this frequent print issue is to have your page numbers, page banners or footer in the middle of the work.

When you are still uncertain, just list two pages, front and back, and put them back to the back to make sure everything is in order. If I find errors during profiling, can I submit a new one? for each new document that is filed. There is a great deal of work and effort into reviewing the integrity of each and every single data and when you submit a new data we have to begin the whole procedure from scratch.

If there are problems with my data? In most cases we can fix the most frequent problems with your data. You can use the Simple File Fixervice, which costs $35.00. When you place your order, you can select this feature and if there are any problems with the file, we will fix it.

Simple File Fix Service contains up to three corrections, if the file has four or more bugs, we will get in touch with you and let you know if we can fix them and what the cost will be. When you need to submit new data that we cannot repair.

for each new filename, as we have to begin the QA process. Are the empty pages in the data as pages? Is it possible to submit my Word documents instead of PDFs? No, when you submit the Word document to us, it will flow again and cause all kinds of reformatting problems.

We do not need to take care of the text reflow if you are sending us your books in PDF format. Can I see a copy before you start printing my order? Any new orders will receive an on-line copy of the cover and text before we go to press. On-line proofing is free, but Hardcopy proofing is an additional charge.

Can I use another application for Microsoft Word? It is also recommended not to use web page images, as most web page images are 72 dots per inch and printed in low resolutions. The Adobe Creative Suite is ideal for designing a work of art and we suggest that you export your PDFs with the PDF/x-1a:2001 option.

Do you have any queries about our books or need extra help, please call us at (877) 944-7844.

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