Free Book Writing Software for Windows 8

Complimentary book writing software for Windows 8

Writing download for Windows 8.1. You can download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2018. Use of Wordpad for Windows 8. The best free software for writing:.

Allows you to run Windows 7 / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit.

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Focussed writing applications for Windows 8

Please note: I no longer use Windows and do not suggest any of these applications. The issue of Windows 8 is currently a contentious one. Gadgets like the new Lenovo Thinkpad 8 are as small and lightweight as an iPad, but run under Windows. Windows 8 (also known as "Metro") applications have been criticized lately for their dubious benefits on non-touchscreen platforms.

The focussed writing application is, however, an important recess for the contemporary author - and the Metro surroundings are ideal for such use. See my article in the weblog Ein Tablet-Computer als Begleiter des Autors for my general thoughts on focussed writing-application. Usually such software is a pure text or markdown file.

Not only are these applications for those who own a surface tray or a cabriolet hybrids, they also work on any Windows 8 desk top or notebook, although you may want to use a classic text viewer like Notepad++ for heavy work. I' m going to examine the focussed writing applications Poe and WritePlus as well as the more sophisticated text editors Code Writer in this paper.

It was one of the first distraction-free text writers I found in the Windows Storefront, and I was impressed with its sobriety. Preferences are fundamental, but include the essentials: subject controls (dark, bright, gray or user-defined colors), fontsize and width of columns - an important function when working with a large wide area display, as it is tedious to scans back and forth across an entire face.

It is likely that the text columns will want to fill the display. One handle: A certain amount of font controllability would be appreciated, even if it is only without serifs. I have found that Poe, unlike some Metro applications, is robust and a reliable daily writing instrument. Poe Pro's key capabilities are Rich Text Assistance, Online Backups, Multiple File Assistance and a Recent Data Recordory.

Poe is a great, distraction-free text editing application for Windows 8 and I look forward to further work. The WritePlus is one of the applications I originally download, found to be corrupt and horrible, and then removed. Metropolitan designers suggest that such checks should be concealed in the application self-service application unless they are strictly necessary.

However, the theme supports are outstanding and the application offers full script width and width controls. The Code Writer splashcreen. That' a great rendition of Metro' designer principle. I would like to conclude by drawing your interest to the Code Writer, the most comprehensive text editing tool currently available on the Windows Store.

It is a programmers tool that can perform extended parsing and deal with a multitude of language. As a powerful text publisher it also does twice the work. For a novel writer, this application is not so good for the day-to-day work with the words - it's more suited for hard-core trimming or for turning your book into a Kindle file via the hand-coded HTML itinerary.

It is how I choose to make my Kindle eBooks because I think it offers the greatest level of controls over your end result, and this is the only Metro application I could find that will do the job well. Code Writer is characterized by the fact that it provides you with a number of different features.

The Metro style was developed for this purpose: Reduce complicated textures to basic textures and, above all, make them available for touchscreen instruments. Only a few years ago, only desktops could have provided this feature. A true edit and not just a word insert tool, this application provides everything you need in a touch-optimized suite.

The adjustments are extensive and allow a high level of controll. The line numbers are on by defaults, but the line break is off, a clear hint to the origin as an editors for programmers (you will want to modify these two options if you use it as a focussed writing application). They have full command over fonts and color themes, but - which is crucial for desk tops - no command over the width of the text columns.

Being a focussed writing application, Code Writer does not work as well as the other two I just said (no width controls, more choices than necessary require some starting configuration). I think this application works best for those who use tablets, where it is characterized by a professional text and program editing in the Metro area.

Notepad++ or another more feature-rich text editing application is better for you. Missing gap width controls are also quite a deal breaking feature on a desk top computer. Not everyone is familiar with Windows 8, and it may have been wrongly established so far, mainly because of the bewilderment between touching and using the screen.

Hopefully, however, I have shown in this paper that authors need not be afraid of the Metro - in fact, there are a growing number of very useful applications in the Windows Store that can help rationalize our day-to-day operations. In my opinion, the capabilities of Metro applications are particularly important for it.

I am currently reviewing some other applications for Windows 8 and will continue this article with a second part in theut. Are there any other authors using Windows 8? Which are your favorite applications?

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