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Complimentary book templates for Microsoft Word

Complimentary book style sheets in MS Word and InDesign. Mac / Microsoft Word Pages Here are some resources to help you get started designing book covers in MS Word. An eBook template with a professional design gives your book strategy a head start. The Mactopica is a great resource for Mac users of Microsoft Office. One printable monthly calendar template for Microsoft Word.

Templates for Microsoft Word

I' ve made industry standard book size templates for Word that you can use with the look and feel of your book, click on the links below to get them. Have you got a pattern for the frontpage? At the moment I'm actually a bit anxious because the templates I've tried on CS are unsightly.

There is no book of literature with a gap between the heels. The first line indentations with twice the distance cannot be modified. Thanks for the submission.

A Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse | A Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse

I' m a great advocate of independent authoring (and authoring in general!), so I thought I'd split some book artwork templates that everyone can use to format/layout their own works for print. Currently there are only three available - The Hannah, The Noli and Jane - but I will publish more soon.

These templates only contain the basic information such as cover page, half titles, copyrights page, etc. Or if you would like me to create an exclusively designed book design for you, please let me know what you need and I will provide you with a quotation.

I' m also doing book art. So if you are an independent writer and need a great deal more help printing your book (or just looking for a good print-on-demand service) and/or getting your book distributed digitally (e.g. at, Barnes & Noble and Kobo), then my firm is great at it.

Meanwhile, you can use the templates here. You are free to take, use (commercially and non-commercially), split and modifiy them as long as you assign them to me. I do not need any funds if you use the templates for your book, only if you are creating templates derived from me or pass the templates on as they are.

The name of this model is taken from the writer Jane Austen. This text is taken from Austen's novel Stolz und Vorurteil. This is only a wildcard in this document. The following pages are included in this template: What's new in Jane v.4: Bugfixes. There are no text fields. .docx files only for the Word versions.

The name of this model comes from the main figure in the Mina V. Esguerra book of the interim goddess of love. This text is from the second book in the book Queen of the Clueless. They are only used as placeholders in this document and may not be used, distributed or used without prior consent in writing from the authors.

There are no text fields. .doc files only for the Word versions. The name of this model is based on the novel "Noli Me Tangere", a Filipino classical by Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Soon more templates!

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