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Book club search by genre online and on Lesers' Favorite offers authors a free review of their published or unpublished books, manuscripts, eBooks, audio books, comics or poetry books. So where did you review your independent book? Writers & Readers Receive Goodreads Free Book Reviews - GoodReads is a booking discovery site and an online book club community.

Kindle Edition book reviews free of charge.

Indie Authors' Guide to Free Reviews

Reviews are very useful for an independent writer who tries to bring her recently or soon to publish a book to her notice. Blogger or critic comments - even if the rating is miscellaneous - make a book appear more legitimately and at the same times offer an overview of its gender, its topic, its styles and its population.

But in an ever more congested independent consumer goods industry, it can be hard to get noticeable - and thus on websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads. In addition, paying for reviews can be costly, contributing to the already significant cost that many people face when they publish a book themselves. So, what should a budget-conscious, review-seeking independent musician do?

This online resource helps contributors link with blogs and contributors who rate independent literature for free. Be it an independent book blogger with a reviewers list - such as IndieView - or a book submitted directly to a blogs known for checking self-published title - such as Dear Autor - she should be sure to thoroughly study the reviews guidelines of each page.

Indexes sometimes have policies for contact with Blogger, and single reviews and/or booklogs often have a check list with submission criteria (e.g. only printing formats, no specific genres of book, etc.). Self-editing specialist Joel Friedlander, who writes for Writer's Digest, also proposes that you provide jackets, a covering note, an author's photograph, an author's biography, a news item and a reasonable number of printouts (if you publish in print).

Repiewer listings often offer free of charge listings of blogs and contributors who rate self-published work. These are three samples of the reviews you can find online: IndieView is a website that links independent editors with voluntary experts. To find a prospective critic, an editor can go to the website index, which contains the name, web sites, gene preference and reviews guidelines of each of the more than 300 people.

Once an essayist has found a good fit, she can directly approach the evaluator, usually via her website. INDIEVIE does a good job to maintain a resilient and respectable review population. To stay on the reviews page, members must "actively publish reviews", agree to e-book submission and never pay for reviews.

Furthermore, many of the evaluators will publish their reviews on websites such as Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and Shelfari. The IndieView index system can be time-consuming because one writer has to research each reviewer's website, guidelines and past reviews one by one. Book Blogger List uses a similar style to IndieView and offers a list of bookloggers ( "Genre Preference") that accepts contributions from writers.

One of the main advantages of the Book Bugs List is that it requires all of your users to stay active: Blog are tracked every two month and expired in action lead to removing from the site list. However, the site does not specifically ask that their BlogGroup check their BlogGroup for free (although most do so), so writers should be sure to follow each BlogGroup's rating guidelines with caution.

And as with IndieView and other reviewers folders, it is important to follow the gender preference specified by each of them. "Don't turn to a bloogger who only likes reading children's literature to get your non-fiction," the author recommends. Maintained by Christy Pinheiro, Book Reviewers Yellow Pages (formerly Schritt by Schritt Self-Publishing) is an online book for independent writers that contains an exhaustive book blog ranking of their own work.

It contains information about which genre each blogs specialises in and which book format (print or e-book) it accepts. Whilst it stays alignment that handed-down implementation do not periodically appraisal self-published product, this -- precise dilatory -- is beginning to happening. The New York Times first examined a self-published work in 2012.

In 2014, the Guardian led The Guardian Legend Times Self-Published Book of the Month, which featured the best self-published works. There are still hardly any reviews of self-published songs from the conventional press. Up to now the journal has rated more than 1,700 self-published publications. In addition, BookLife offers how-to-products for self-editors and an yearly competition for independent writers with a $5,000 scholarship for the winning writer.

You can also allow an independent writer to jump over the folders and access your blog directly. Some of the following blog posts have a good reputations for reviews of self-published work. Of course, they are only examples: As the indices of Index View and Book Blogger List show, Blogger are ready to take self-published tracks into the world.

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