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Complimentary book publishing websites

Catch a few free books while you're at it and look at the formatting. In case you don't have an epub yet, we offer you to convert your manuscript for free. We will upload a PDF and add books to the search results for free. SPR is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about self-publishing. Please also remember that this is a quick Q&A session - if you want to go into more depth, you should have a look at my other books, which I make available free of charge on this website.

What better website than KDP for free self-publishing?

So for the least amount of work and the least amount of trouble, KDP is your first point of contact. They can use third parties such as Draft2Digital, Smashwords and similar websites (these are US-centric choices, there are extra options/paths in key countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Japan, etc.). This service brings you to Apple iTunes/iBooks, Google Play/Books and other websites that are not directly accessible.

They' re essentially distrubutors who use economies of scales to perform a laborious job for you. It costs you a certain amount of your earnings, but it also saves you a great deal of trouble and work. In order to reduce costs, many writers do KDP directly (so they don't have to split the cake with others) and go through distribution companies (small and midsize publishing companies also use this tactic).

Although a distributor may not like this, it is an economical issue for you and most will allow you to do so. However it only makes sense if your total turnover is in the thousand (or least high hundreds) of dollar per month, otherwise it is just trouble and you can also use Dfat2Digital or the like for EVERYTHING.

megalist of free advertising sites for self-published literature

Sponsorship is the most difficult job for self-published writers. Self-released writers do not have the means of large or even small publishing houses. They do not have the go-to-market network that every publishing house depends on to make "buzz" for future work. Luckily, there are many places where you can advertise your book for free.

Thousands of on-line critics are pleased with a book in return for an accurate reading, and many are publishing their own on various media outlets. You will also find many pages that feature author interviewing and places where you can place your covers and snippets. Use the following ressources to help you on your way to an efficient sales and promotional campaign.

BEFORE you start sponsoring your book, I suggest that you look at these listings and sites and make a listing of your own from the various kinds of sponsorship you want to do, and then find the sites that will deliver what you are looking for. Follow carefully where you advertised your book and don't miss to analyse the results!

ListlistsIndies is the longest, most complete lists of places to advertise your book I have ever seen. The Digital Pubbing's 110 tool to find and search critics and readership is comfortably divided into category (reviews, advertisements, previews, etc.) to help authors adapt to the kind of publicity they are looking for.

Enormous number of book promotional sites for authors. Kinderlepreneur shows 127 free and remunerated advertising spaces for your book. The Great Sites That Offers Indie Book Reviews discuss top places for book promotions - free and pay. Self-publishing has a vast 100 -place book advertising space (both free and paid).

Build-book buzz's handouts is an extensive resource library that will help you find your book's medium, readers' rating pages, and on-line rating pages. Angie's Diarylists are the top ten free advertising pages for self-published literature. Savevy Writers has a free listing of 46 advertising pages for self-published lectio.

Customized advertisersAuthors Allows self-publishers to load down samples of sections that can be viewed by the reader. Before you can load a book title, you must have a book jacket. Book YA Book Center provides book reviews, covers, author profile and interview ing, sponsorship gifts and competitions, and accept advertisements for YA-book. If you are looking for free book on the Knob, Indie Book's blogs, Indie Book's blogs are for you.

Complete the following to publish your book and get a tweet. Publishers Weekly's Book Life allows you to enter your book for comment, publish your book and publish an authorship. Storycartel provides its readership with free e-books in return for frank book review.

The reader has thirty working hours to study the book. If they are able to submit a reference to their reviews to Story Cartel by the end of this period, they will be raffled off for either five printed versions of the book, three Amazon greeting card worth $10 or a Kindle (as provided by the book's author).

The Indies Unlimited software provides a number of free of charge highlights including Thrifty Thursdays, Print Book Paradise, Kindle Unlimited Hump Days and a free monthly content kick. ForumBook Talk provides free discussion boards where writers and publishing houses can publish their work. Booktalk also provides pay advertising. The Online Book Club is a platform for writers and writers.

There are also free and fee-based review services.

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