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They are free for members and can be downloaded when you are logged in. Several publishers can provide digital copies of some of their books. Britain's leading independent publisher. As I am registered in Great Britain, I use my company address etc.

Welcome Publishers | Self Publishing Services Wales, UK

We' re an autonomous UK self-publisher and we're passionately interested in empowering them. We' re in the UK, but we work with writers from all over the world and would be delighted to hearing from you! If you would like to find out how we can help you with your book, whether self-published or the conventional way, please do not hesitate to do so.

You can also visit our publishing service or the Book Store. You have the last say at every phase of publishing, from drafting changes to the definition of the RRP. This is your book - your dream - and you merit a ready-made book you can be proud of!

Publishing of books for self-publishers and writers

Your proofreading manuscripts will be available as a book or eBook. So you can be sure your book is available in digital or hard copy at any time, anywhere, maximizing global sales capabilities. The book will be available as a hardcopy as well as an eBook from distributors around the world. You will get three IBNs for your new work, one for point-of-use and two for the eBooks.

Even the best proofreader can help prevent basic mistakes that affect the reader's expertise. The price depends on the view of your script.

Now is the right moment to release your book yourself!

Receive everything you need for a book presentation. Do you remember to publish your book yourself and select between book publishing houses? Both KINDLE and PRINTED issues of your book are produced. To ensure that your book is sold as successfully as possible, we offer you accurate and easy-to-understand Marking Guides.

Our services include our publishing expertise, our own expertise and our own services for your literature or non-fiction.

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