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Editors and authors benefit from optimized workflows and collaboration. In this section, we list free software that does desktop publishing. Links to free software for every step of e-book production. It is a good thing that you can install and use one tool for both types for free on Linux. The GnuCash is the best accounting software for the Linux operating system.

 11 (mostly) free self-publishing gadgets for your next bestseller

When you have the desire to publish a work, there are a number of (mostly) free self-publication utilities and materials to get you out as a self-made writer. The latest of my books, Create Or Hate, was published last weekend. This is my 4th excursion into the realm of self-publication.

I never thought of myself as a novelist, let alone a publicist, before my first publication, The 7 Day Startup. My work has been ordered 55,000 copies from Amazon and has since been delivered in 9 different tongues. Here is what I used to take my textbooks into the wilderness without a bookstore.

There is no reason to sit around waiting 17 years for a bookstore like the famous writer Steven Pressfield did! The first impression counts - make sure that your title image does not become a poor or unimportant one. I used a great amount of my free studio hours to conceptualize and layout the front covers for Creating Or Hate. Googles Docs is an on-line text editor that lets you generate and edit text files and work with others in the world.

About 5 years ago, Google Docs took the place of Microsoft Word for my work. Here all my textbooks and blogs were written. That enabled me to get mutual feed-back while refining the designs of my work. Threello is a collaborative tools that organises your project into assignments on a board.

I have used it to plan the publishing of my book. I' m also using it to collect testtimonials as they come in for those accounts that are golden for website copy and Amazon copy. It is a useful instrument to make genuine noises about the general gossip of your online community.

I' ve used it to plan promotional web pages for my second volume Contents Mashine. Outviral is a reward-based pay-per-view analytics solution that can perform high-impact recommendation merchandising promotions by empowering messengers to advertise your company. Upviral works in a way that you create a landings page where users can choose to be informed about the start.

We have had several hundred contributions to Create or Hate as a product of the Upviral initiative. I' ve given away photocopies of my past ledgers to get them to share. Whoever won the contest was in charge of 51 persons who chose the e-mail opt-in page. This is an e-mail managment system that allows you to deliver your mails to target groups in an automated and scheduled manner.

I have used Drive to deliver automatic e-mail sequence to book-related mile stones and annoucements, both before and after start. It is also used to interact with the book's messengers so that I can contact them directly and build a pleasant, trustful rapport so that they might find inspiration to share the words as soon as the volume is published.

As soon as the volume was published, I sent a few e-mails asking everyone to take it and get the message out. OptimzePress is a powerful WordPress client for creating WordPress marketing pages, merchandising pages and member-ports. When you bring a product to market, you need a page where you can inform your clients about the start.

Once you get started, you'll need one to get them to buy the album. Setting up a landingsite is a critical capability for today's on-line business owner. The Brewery Operation and Create Or Hate Buch landing pages. Like OptimizePress because it allows me to customise themes and have unrestricted access to the look and feel of my page for a one-time charge.

CreatingSpace is an on-demand publication plattform from Amazon. That means, if someone orders one of my titles at Amazon, it will be immediately sent out. No need to preprint hundreds of thousand of books. There are many who do not know how simple it is to make them. So if you choose to self-publish and already use CreateSpace, it also makes good business sense to use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for the e-book page of things.

With Amazon KDP, it will take less than 5 min to get your own eBooks published and you maintain complete full editorial oversight, and again it's free. I' m using a method named KDP Select, where I give away my titles for the first few years. So my public can literally reading the script and write a comment.

InDesign is a desktops publication tool that allows you to create your own placards, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, journals.... and even newpapers. I' ve used it for the creation and lay-out of the printed versions of all my work. The Jutoh is a versatile editor that divides a textbook into parts or chapter, depending on the selection you make.

Most of the ebooks you can only get released in Epub but Jutoh is also Kindle and Mobi compliant, which is used by Amazon. I' ve written Create Or Huré to encourage others to refuse the inner voices of self-doubt and to work on the pursuit of their own ingenuity. When you' re creatively committed to authoring a textbook, this suite of self-managed supporting and resource options will help you make the transition from would-be authors to self-published authors.

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